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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Where to find cheap Vios?

Toyota Vios is getting the heat now.

Although the car is still new, but I already saw quite a number of new Vios on the road.
Be sure to keep in mind, we must always survey and compare before we decide what we want to buy.

So normally I will go online and search through car specifications, car price and etc.
I'm able to search through carsifu website to view any 2nd hand Vios,
or even the new Vios.

basically once you click in, you can view the description.
Like for instance, you can view any promotions available.

if you are interested you can contact the seller.
You can always directly call the seller's hp number.

I'm sure that it will be not the only car's you want, or
you just want to have alternative. 
You can always click on "Cars For Sale"
to look for any other cars.

You can always look at the list of Top Cars
and start choosing from there.

or choose to look for cars by location.
Klang Valley, Johor, Penang, Perak, Sabah and Others.

There are car comments section
whereby all of us can discuss car topics and also read car news here.
Like for example: The New Corolla Altis

After reading the news, we can post the comment below, like what the other readers do! :)

Basically this website is easy to use and navigate, without any commercial or ads pop out while you are surfing to distract you.

Some improvements I think which is necessary are as stated below,
such as the comment section under a car listing. Buyer and Seller can directly interact at the thread below if they are not willing to contact the seller directly.

Another I think which is suitable would be the Advanced Search, such as options like

Happy searching for cars!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Who will be crowned champion?


Tens of thousands of Malaysian hopefuls dreamt of being a star... and on July 21st only one will be crowned a superstar at the Genting International Convention Centre.

Under the guidance of an unparalleled star like Dato' AC Mizal, crowd-favorite comedian Sathiya, and the incomparable host Chiong Pei Pei, the contestants gave it their all during 6 preliminary rounds across the nation – to be THE MALAYSIAN SUPERSTAR.

Now, after fierce competition only 20 of the most talented finalists remain fighting for a chance at the coveted title!

They are:

Penang Times Square (Round 1)

Jamilah Abu Bakar

Blazin Squad – BBoy Dance

Jack T – Dance

Viva Home Cheras, KL (Round 2)

Avery & Sylvia – Quick Change Act

Vanessa Wong – Performance Art

Hip Flo – Dance

AEON Bandaraya Melaka (Round 3)

Jackson Chua – Dance

Amelia Lee – Dance

Yee Jia Hui – Singing

KSL City Mall, JB (Round 4)

Wani – Singing

Play Play Boyz – Dance

PC Freestyle – Juggling Act

Sunway Pyramid, Selangor (Round 5)

Rejuvenate Dance Crew ft Beat Nation– Beat Boxing & Dance

Nicholas Kho – Dance

Fantasy Crew – Acrobatic

Berjaya Times Square, KL (Round 6)

Mezan – Roti Canai Terbang

Fire Eater – Fire Act

Jess Lee Pei Ling – Singing

Aby Norila – Singing

Chan Sher Ly – Dance

Check out the Grand Finale contenders on MFace 2mins-2fame’s Youtube page:

The judges guide and judge and critique, but it was the Malaysian people who determined which of the auditioners will advance to MFACE 2-minutes-2fame GRAND FINALE at GENTING INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE on the 21st of JULY 2013.

Votes cast through smses, newspaper entries and online submissions eventually narrowed down to 20 finalists who will compete for some major prizes and the Malaysian Superstar title. This is their first step in becoming household names and making their mark.

·         1st Prize –  Luxury Car + RM30,000 cash + Aver products worth RM1,500
·         2nd Prize –  4D3N Australia Gold Coast holiday + RM15,000 cash  + Aver products worth RM1,500
·         3rd Prize –  3D2N Lang Tengah island holiday + RM5000 cash + Aver products worth RM1,500
·         BEST SMS –  RM2000 cash + MBI Water Purifier + Aver products worth RM500
·         BEST STAGE PERFORMANCE –  RM2000 cash + MBI Air Purifier + Aver products worth RM500

Witness the rise to stardom and fame of ONE special MALAYSIAN SUPERSTAR at GENTING INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE on the 21st of JULY 2013.

Log on to for further details.

Monday, July 15, 2013

P1 Snap, Post & Win Contest

P1 is organizing a contest for everyone!
The Snap, Post & Win contest

all you have to do is just take a photo with P1 promoter, 
register yourself and get people to LIKE your photo.

Don't miss this chance to win an iPad mini weekly!

Enjoy great discounts and offer for the new plan.

Check out For Home plans HERE, as they are giving out FREE 480GB and FREE 300 call minutes!
and Check out One Plan HERE, as there is now FREE modem and ADDITIONAL 3GB quota!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Astro Explorer-On-The-Go (Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer)

I had never been so excited in waking up early on a Saturday morning.
But it is for the Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer challenge that I am looking forward to participate!

The Best Part during 
the Astro Explorer-On-The-Go

#1: I am able to run the whole Sunway Pyramid legally!
By wearing the Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer T-Shirt and Team Tag, 
I can run the whole Sunway Pyramid legally to look for hints and stations to win the challenge.
Although the emcee say if you run, you will be disqualified but I think it's just a joke because all the team members run around!
Well you know, if you run, people will start looking at you with the face:"What is he doing?"
I told them:"I'm running for running man Astro Explorer-On-The-Go!"

It's a wonderful journey that lasted for 1 hour and 27 mins!
Some of the best part during the journey (Astro Explorer-On-The-Go) :

 I am involve in..
finding my soul partner
I had a hard time finding the answers but at last I managed to pass their tests and
I am able to recruit them to battle with the enemy!
Natsu doesn't really satisfy with me, because I don't have big muscles like him!
but anyway, say Hi to my 4 partners!

while on the way to look for another clue...

Gladiator:"How dare you enter this place!? Do you know it belongs to ME?"
I said:"I'm sorry, I just need to pass by this place for my Astro Explorer-On-The-Go,
could you please let me pass by?"
*the next moment, he brought up his sword and charged towards me*

 I'm so lucky that my partner brought a sword for me too!
The battle begins and end up I WON!
 He injured badly as I stabbed through his heart! *ouch*
well, obviously I am more powerful than you!

my journey continues to deal with
I asked:"Can you spare me some water?"
but the spiderman is too shy to speak to me, or maybe he is just acting cool!
whatever it is, I manage to pass through his test,  
and before I continue with my journey, I took a photo with him! 
*it shows how I tired I am*

and lastly (the last station), I get to meet the King of Rock and Roll
Elvis Presley
I am thinking whether he wants me to sing a song or dance PSY's gentleman
but he did not! So I just scanned the QR code.
Anyway I personally think that his guitar is too small, got it from toy store? Haha!

The challenge (Astro Explorer-On-The-Go) is definitely awesome by meeting all of them!

Every time when I watch to watch football, my parents want to watch Chinese drama!
Therefore, I foresee that I don't need to snatch the Astro remote 
from my parents anymore,
as I can watch Astro using my mobile devices with Astro On-The-Go!
It contains 22 Astro TV Channels and 9 Radio Channels!

I am able to watch my favorite Football league!
EPL, UEFA Champions League and Astro Liga Super Malaysia!
I won't miss out any important match anymore!

Watch Pay per view movies!
eg: Cloud Atlas, The Cold Light of Day

Watch China Drama

Watch Oh My English (season 2)!

and also many other HK drama, Korean drama and entertainment programmes!

Isn't it simple and convenient? 
You can watch Astro anywhere now as long as you have internet connection and mobile devices!


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