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Sunday, November 30, 2008

About ystd x)

Lol!~ too angry already, forget to say that actually Ystd I went to see the Skin Doctor, for what? Of course for my pimple lar..cause I "Ai Mei" lol k lar k around 8.45am we reach there, then there were 2 ppl standing outside already, so my dad and I just stand there lor, inside the clinic already got people lar..then 9am sharp the door open everyone rush in LOL! luckily my dad was like so fast until he get number 1, I thought he will get number 1 mana tahu, number 17 =.='' my dad told me cause we are new patient SWT! When I fill in all my details and turn back, the whole clinic flooded with people already. All of them are just like me "Ai Mei" SWT!

then go yamcha opposite there lor, until around 10 something, then go back the Clinic and wait, I heard those late comers, register and the Nurse say:"Around 3-4pm you come back." lol wth why so late, it seems like alot people. until my turn I went in, I were so curious that how come got 3 room but only 1 DOCTOR lol. My mum told me the doctor got 1 by 1 SWT! So I sit down and wait, the doctor come put up his special spects look at my pimple then say oily skin, pimple not so big nevermind..I give you some medicine eat 2 weeks every night eat 1 after your meal, woooDS!~ Then he say must take good care of your pimple, dun go press it. ><'' I told him got scar mah, then he say give you some cream to apply, 2 weeks later you come back. ROAR! I don't think more than 5-10mins lor, GAO DIM!

This is so called the Dr.Ting =.='' now I really Ting liao haha. So go out wait for the dispensary, go there show me 1 bottle of facial wash, 1 bottle of toner, 1 small cream for pimple, 1 more for the rashes on my body. guess how much? RM125. Luckily not my money lol. I hope what he give me really works on my face, but of course this doctor can be trusted lar..since my cousin spend almost RM1k to treat her face, last time her face got pimple problem the whole face full with big big big pimple. luckily got this doctor lor I heard that she inject something into the pimple. Oh yea my mum asked the Dr. the DR say no need, cause yours quite small. ROAR!

Good RM125 gone, why not give me this money and buy my prom suit. Anyway.. I feel like renting the suit already..if it is not more than RM50. Cause buying 1 is around >RM200 for sure. unless got discount or sale lar.

haih..continue my study back. last day ACCOUNTS come on. =)

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