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Saturday, November 29, 2008

What a bad luck day. T.T

I plan it so well, NO I DIDN'T wat the heck. I thought everything will be ok, I cant believe Jing Yuan didnt tell Duckie properly about not to tell her. damn it! I plan it already, but luckily u not sure u can come anot, if you already confirm you can come, I tell you I wont be OK right now.

I hope you are happy, anyway I already plan it and talk to your friends before SPM. Now I realize and I think anything related to you I should do it myself,,haih. Sorry for not making it successful and i'm really sorry.
Sorry to Jing Yuan and Duckie also, I were quick shocked and super duper angry, cause that things is related to her..yea u know it's HER. =)

anyway I'm fine now. Dammit, I think i'm too confident until now I got no confident with my accounts LOL. =.='' I think I should study harder. Come on tomorrow last preparation I can DO IT!
Back to study..i'm going to learn back my DoTa skills and of course choose a day Dye my hair, I contact Ah Hean just now wth, he cut hair already cost RM35, dye the hair or highlight the hair confirm more than RM100 already..not really sure until he confirm with me money is flying away slowly..90% will pokai soon, seriously T.T
prom suit not yet buy..haih..><'' dunno how now. Money money I need money. I don't feel like asking from parents liao.. *i'm such a good boy* ROAR! =.=

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