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Friday, December 26, 2008

24 and 25th working day!

T.T lazy to post lar..I make it short.
24th, around 8 smtg wake up. then prepare 10.45 like that went Damansara-VS, sell turkey at there lor.,keep selling here and there until 7.30pm. Around 60-70 turkeys bah. The packing and stuff is nice, hopefully inside nice to eat lar, I don't even have the chance to eat. You all can go grab it from Zhen Yoong on the 27th december.

Then go work at the restaurant lor, omg lar! it's so pack luckily I worked at the first floor, maximum also got 20-25 tables only. Alot people nevermind lar, you know those customer, as in couple give those shit face LOL. You know ppl very busy liao mah, how to service all of you, haiyoo understand people abit lar. And those couple ah especially the girls ah, haiyoo put those bad face like very angry like that, then the boys go tam then..Boooo to them ah LOLS!

alright then just work up and down, work as assistant cashier and assistant waiter lor. Impossible I become manager assistant MANY-zer right? Don't even know how to explain the foods to the customer. Cant believe it, time just passed so fast..and it's already 12am, then eat a plate of turkey meal. around 12.40am reached home. Ah! so tired and slept.

25th December
around 10.30am wake up, eat breakfast then go work again. As usual like yesterday, go sell turkey. Later around 8pm went to serve customer again, luckily not many people only 1 round of people. hiuuuuuuuu! x) i'm relieved around 10pm already 1st floor no more ppl but downstairs still got lar. hrm..then eat turkey again LOLS. I love turkey lar xp! 1 year eat once only.

talk to my Aunty for awhile lor. Then went home and online lor. x)

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