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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Amali 6 hours day

woah! wake up so early today, 6.30am. Get ready myself then around 7.30am that instructor come and fetch me go Bangi. Luckily today got Mun Hon and Hao Yap accompany me if not SIEN until die i tell you. Starting that time already delay 1 hour lol, today the centre is flooded with human. Alot people lar, maybe holiday all the Form 5 students free to take the course.

Listen listen, 3 of us just DIAO YU in the class, dunno why so tired and felt sleepy LOL!
until rest we eat the malay stall. Hao Yap spend Rm4, I spend Rm3, Mun Hon Rm2.50.

Then continue our lesson, and the 3 hours of kinda stupid teaching us how to maintain our car.
They just talk talk talk, don't have practical also, no wonder when the girls got problem that time, just put their hands out and all the guys will help them =D just joking lar. Anyway must really learn how to maintain our car also, car = man's second wife right? LOL or maybe third or what =D

So around 4.50pm reached home, take a bath and now online. Later I want to play dota lol long time no play lar.
Alright today babe go Sg.Long, I heard of that place too =D enjoy yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ^^

tomorrow schedule, will be going to Parkson to buy my blazer. ROAR! and I need a *secret colour* tie LOL! =D

Baboon sign out.

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