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Monday, December 22, 2008

another driving day ><

Roar! today waked up around 9.40am, a little blur blur but must force myself to wake up if not later Jan study that time hard to wake up ler!

alright watched TV awhile, then bath and eat lunch lor. Get ready for my driving, time changed to 12-2pm. Let me tell you what happen I driving today lols.

So I were at the traffic light, with a LONG Q. Actually I'm ok with the gear and stuff already, but I don't know why when all the car moving, I press the clutch fully down already but I still cant change my gear don't know why. =.='' end up mati engine LOL! All the car behind luckily behind got 1 big truck help me block the view behind. Then I quickly start the engine back, then everything is normal already. Not bad lar, I'm still brave to drive, maybe got someone guide me gua. So next wednesday learning parking and etc. Before CNY i'm going to take my exam.

wish me good luck ^^ I want to faster drive my babe ler!

roar! evening accompany babe, then go eat and watch C301 AEC- Yi Nan Wang. Lols seriously this Taiwan drama, damn dragggy lar. but make me gan jiong also lar haha.
then received bad news from babe, aikx never mind lar don't care what they said lor. Nothing de.

Oh yea, ystd dad just warn me do not come back later than 12am everyday lol. I tell them later want go Yamcha with friends how? Then I tell them , weekend I will come back late abit lor.=.=

Baboon sign out. Tomorrow another boring day.
X'Mas eve going to work again, need to help mum as I promised her, so that 31st Dec I no need to work. Thanks mummy! I think this is the last year I'm going to help her. Anyway got free Turkey eat woh.. xp! =)

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