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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dong Zhi/Yuan Xiao day!?

hahA not really sure it's Dong Zhi or Yuan Xiao lar or maybe the same xp!

so today wake up a little early to help mum do some Tang Yuan. oOo! I love Tang Yuan, especially those inside go "HAM" as in got flavour want lar..if want to eat "HAM" want, I suggest you all to buy from Hypermarket. So I helped my mum do the KOSONG want, not bad I love the tong sui wan! Last time when I small my mum said everytime u eat Tang Yuan means you grow older by 1 years old?! LOLS not sure.

So after eat ler, afternoon eat some stuff to tahan lor, at night going to eat dinner with relatives!
Wow! I went their house, last time they used to play Mahjong lar, that time near SPM mah, so I don't want to learn, now got chance to learn so I learned and played! Not bad quite easy, know the pair pair and stuff, but then if you want to gamble and win money, you need those nice nice combo! that one I don't really know lor..wan 3 fan and etc =.='' need ask my cousin teach me xP!
eh at least I won 3-5 matches!! =)
sorry lor if I'm slow..newbie mah.
oh yea..forget to mention, my aunt and cousins they all talk about my hair =P say I look older, good lar more mature mah. And dad asked me not to dye lor..after my hair grow back. Don't know lar later see how.

then go eat dinner lor, after eat raining pulak, stuck at the restaurant! Luckily became small rain then we can go back! Lols.

anyway Now i downloaded Gunbound to acompany my babe play gb. and I downloaded Super dance online Season 2, stupid lar still open beta or close beta I don't know ler, need what points to play.Don't have points ler..who got SDO Season 2 accounts please lend me, leave a msg at the chatbox thanks! =) just want to try play.

SHIT LAR! Need For Speed Undercover came out, but I still not yet touch a single thingS! =.=
Mun Hon already reached 15%.
Here's the cover of NFS Undercover. Anyway I still not yet finish my NFS Prostreet also.

Alright, it's time to say goodboye. ^^

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