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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Finally I get my blazer! damn LOL! kk Good i'm done with everything. Finally I dai kor zai liao Lol! I need to colour my hair damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! mummy said spoil my hair haih.

So this is what happened today. today I wake up naturally without alarm..around 10am I guess. Then mum asked me go bath bath bath.=D She said today go buy blazer, around 4pm. After bath went to ss2 eat dimsum, suggested by ME LOL! Cause really long time didnt eat. But actually dad want to eat chicken rice want..SWT! nevermind lar, at least nice to eat.

alright then go cousin's house, Wen Yung. He want to study CAT/ACCA with me too, good at least when I have problems or what we can study together in Sunway library lols.
then discuss about fees and those, need pictures and etc.
Then around 4-5pm reached Parkson, find my blazer. Good finally I GET ONE! XD. Dai kor zai liao lols. No worries for prom already.

Then we went Sakae Sushi. 3ppl eat around RM80. Not bad not bad lol at least cheaper than Shogun. Then went home! And now online dota lols.
wow! my babe shoping also roar.

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