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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I love this SHOUT K!

UPDATED! sorry ah yesterday wanna sleep already.
Lol! yeapppie! Yesterday babe got free phone call, then call till 2am right? Roar. My eyes closing ler that time, never mind lar can hear your sound is better than sleeping xp!
So 6am I wake up, cant believe it. Bath, rubber my hair abit then go to school lor, reach school nobody also, put my book in wakil stor then go Kanna, I don't feel like sitting inside very OILY.

So I meet Albert then he pei me awhile, cant believe I donate RM1 =='' to the temple, really sorry ler not i duwan pay much ah cause..this month seriously I will spend like dunno holy cow much.

Around 7.30am like that, Mun Hon come lor lanci me with his rebonding hair style LOL! really straight but I no need rebonding my fringe also straight lar haha. Nevermind nevermind you rebond ok, cause your fringer really curl up i know =)
I cant believe Zhen Yoong so rush until I just don't know what happen lar then I help him take the books, he go back take some text books also. But I think he end up getting BUKIT KEPONG F4 LOL!?

After Yamcha we enter school. Then around 9 start the return book session. Return return return. Then many of them Ciaoz already, left some for the gathering. sorry ah lazy to name you all. Then I start my CSI session lol, so ngam when I reach TTC someone is reaching too LOL!
Went up TTC, pass the pressie, cant resist you lar lol seriously =.=''

Know you are quite happy, Yee sim bought you cake some more, better than me ROAR!
around 11.30 you start tuisyen lor so I just go out then I saw bus 98 I quickly run to the bus luckily the bus driver can see me, he stop the bus. GooD! When I reach there..called Yi Rui, then she say she at Kimgary we just go there lor. Then I saw pn.Yap, she is the ketua of us LOL! help us order our food, then we ate our food, nice and FULL enough -.-'' I still remember Jun Mun cant finsih, Mun Hon zat him:"See your size also know lar, just joking." haha. Relax lar Jun Mun.

Kim Gary

Spotted me?! Look at Pn.Yap so serious! ^^
Then go find our Blazer, hard to find lar OMG! =.='' all the price. Cheapest also Rm360. Cant find anymore, I decided to rent it with Samuel this friday.

K lar then we go Redbox, The Gardens.
In the room
what a nice room but mess up by us lol.

Free drinks

Let's SING!

Good! 15ppl each student cost only Rm11 including tax lol promoting xp. Anyway must list out the name here so got..ME, Eng Yuan, Mun Hon, Edmund, Chun Hui, Ren Hong, Jun Mun, Wei Hong, Jay Wvin, Sarah Tan, Peggy, Yi Rui (the birthday girl), Au Yong Xin Ling, Kah Hei, Tian Yuan, CHOON LIM!. I'm trying to make them sing, but don't really work, eh! Yi Rui when you sing the "你们是我的星光" not bad lar.

Then 1 by 1 all going left ME, Eng Yuan, Mun Hon, Edmund, Chun Hui, Ren Hong, Jun Mun.
It's party time! LOL! sing those high high song until damn HIGH , like pub like that LOL! anyway LInkin park song got lar..cantonese song lar LOL! we just simply JUMP! xp.

the last song is 阳光“宰”男, it's super duper HIGH! jump jump jump! in the end take photo and HAPPY SHOUT K,not SING K ah =D
noise pollution + environment pollution inside the room LOL! sorry worker.

Some photos xp!
Picture No.1

Notyet ready lar -.-''

Picture No.2

Eng Yuan what post is that? LOL! the 7 High gang!

k lar then sit bus damn cramp! Stand for 1 hour, come back home asked for Urut from kakak LOL! then eat dinner, now my eye damn pain already

-tmr going Sunway UC check the schedule, information and stuff! =)

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