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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Li Kee's belated birthday party ^^

All right so 26th dec, celebrated Li Kee's birthday. ^^
lazy write the details lar xp!

Thanks Jason for fetching me go and back lor ^^
lol almost screwed by mum went home around 10.30pm already lor, cause I yamcha with Jason they all lor, nevermind. xp

Went home, Wei Jie online talked to him awhile lor, looks like he is very boring haha. I know you miss your girlfriend lar!! =)

Happy Belated Birthday Li Kee

Alright so today is 27th Dec, mum waked me up asked to go Post Office with her, renew road tax. And then went SS14 to eat my breakfast+lunch. Breaklunch? haha.

went home and online till now lor.

AH! I'm attracted to

幸福的抉擇 I Do

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