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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nothing to do ler..

Ystd 20 Dec 2008.
Just update my blog, read my post below xp!
Few more days need to start study again, amboi pressureNYA! Hopefully I can pass all the paper I will work hard.

So today stay at home online, don't know why so tired! Slept from 8pm to 10pm aiyoo sorry ler babe I damn blur I know..aikx! T.T

now semangat jor Swt!
tmr is DONG ZHI ah?! eat Tang Yuen lor. Then going to cousin's house pass him all my books! He is a god damn genious lar, no need study can liao. I think the whole form4, His getting top 3.

Goodnight everyone!

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