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Friday, December 19, 2008

Pangkor trip - I Love IT!

So this trip is consider the End of Secondary Life trip. xp!

The first day of the trip

At first I think I am the one who reached school first so I went Kanaa Curry House. Drink a cup of hot teh tarik at there and eat a roti kosong. At first saw Jia Jian and Zhen Ting but they cant recognize me lol!

So when Mun Hon, Jason, Zhen Yoong reached we sit inside. Wait until around 8.10am, we went to the 7-11. We gather around there and wait for others to arrive. I still remember Ying Yi is the last one. Then I met Andrew our tour leader! =)
Then we went to Lumut, the ferry terminal in order to sit ferry to Pangkor.

Andrew went in our bus and explain to us the activities on this trip. I knew that some of us are not sactisfied with the $ and the activities, including me xp. They should have include the Sunset cruise. x) well nevermind. ^^as long as we are happy.

Andrew, our tour guide had booked a ferry for us, to prevent us from Q-ing up.
I get to view the beautiful sea! ^^ around 20 to 30 minutes we arrived at the Pangkor island. Actually they are still renovating the jetty. Then we divided into few groups, 10 person per group. Then we reached our apartment - Coral Bay Resort. But there are still not ready with our rooms, so we need to wait patiently then Andrew asked us to go eat some stuff. While walking, we are told to go back to put our begs into 1 room. I helped the others to bring their beg. Eat some stuff, fried mee-fried rice-and fried oyster. Eng Yuan and I are not full enough so we went to buy Burger. Eng Yuan bought two, I bought one only.

THen we walked back and enter our room, nice wan lols! So now we need to seperate our rooms, we suggested to "LA TA LI LAT" Lols. So Choon Lim took the biggest room, and I took the one with 2 beds, and Mun Hon took the room with 1 bed.
Next we clean up the room, although the house keeping already cleaned up. Then we arranged all the foods at the small kitchen.

After that, we went to the beach to play volleyball and frisbee! A nice one..and we found another group to play frisbee with us, they are the good one they know the formation and throwing. ^^ although they are playing the first time.

Then all the boys are trying to catch all the boys 1 by 1 into the sea lols. I saw them, but I told them my poket got handphone and wallet. Jason asked me to take out and he carry me and throw me into the sea. Lols so colddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!

It's almost 6.10pm we went back and bath. Around 7pm we eat our delicious dinner xp! Anyway we plan to give Ying Yi a surprise also. Around 11.15pm, few of us went to the sea and do some planning there. I plan to put candle, Yi Rui said that do "17" and Ee lynn plan to make a birthday cake. haha! We DID IT! Let me see, Chun Hui, Choon Lim, Ee Lynn, Pei Yee, Ka Hei, Xian Tze, Wei Quan and of course me. Others I really forget already. *remind me on the chatbox*

Then Yi Rui blindfolded Peggy and they walked to the beach, then all of us sing Happy Birthday songs lor! =D

hope she like it! ^^
around 1am then i slept lor!

Day 2 - watery day
around 7am, Chun Hui waked me up! After bath, get ready myself for snorkeling and island hopping! So we eat our breakfast ourselves, basically every breakfast we eat bisKUAT, milo, hot choco and etc.

Sorry Andrew and S6. I really don't know that we need to meet at 9am, so around 9.15am only we reach the Lobby. Then we went to the beach and divided into 4 boats. I sit with.. Sandy, L.Hui Yee, Mun Hon, Zhen Yoong, Aaron, Jason and some volleyball gang! I love that uncle who fetch us! HE did few stunning for us, as in drive the boat, suddenly turn LEFT................... then all of us just scream! So he introduced us few spot, even Lee Jin You's (don't know Eng name) resort, the uncle said very expensive, 1 night around RM1000 and he have a private helicopter!
And also the Guan Yin temple, we baibai with our hand.
Then he introduced few stones, like Crocodile, turtle and whale. Later we headed towards Monkey Bay to unload food stuff. At first I don't really understand why they want to unload stuff at there..until..CONTINUE READING PLEASE! haha.

Next we went to the Snorkeling place, wow! So many people! The uncle said that he estimated there is around 300-400 people's around the island. And he said that the fish will run away if too many people. Lols! So he teached us how to wear the snorkeling stuff. He asked us to take care carefully if not one for RM80. So expensive lol. Actually I tried snorkelling before at Pulau Redang, so I feel that Pulau Redang's sea is better. Hardly see the fish unless u take the bread then all the fish will come towards you. I just saw 2 types of fish, the blue wan and the brown wan.

Then our next pit stop is Monkey bay I guess. I'm attracted with the Banana Boat! I wanted to play!! So gather few of them eventually 21 people are playing the banana boat, for my class.Then everyone were playing near the sea, pull here and there, fight here and there lol.

so now it's our turn to play Banana boat! So there is
1.Everyone get READY!
2. the first DROP! put your head down!

3. Come on help each other to get up of the boat again!

4. Finally everyone is up get ready again!

5. Let's continue! (I love standing up)

6. The last fall! xD
So end of banana boat, have some rest on the beach then we had our lunch! Not bad many of us Love the Lala! There is fried meehoon, crab, kampung fish, prawn and etc. and of course drinks!
Rest awhile, then around 1pm or 2pm we went back to Coral bay resort!
Group PHOTO!
Alright, so we went back have some rest and get ready to go Sunset cruise!

So we went into the Sunset cruise, the decoration still not bad. Then we are near to the middle of the sea, we almost watch the sunset, but the damn cloud. Aiyoo although we paid RM50 but still not bad lar..not really worth it but still consider OK!

Then half way eating, Andrew remind me of the cake. So I asked Chun Hui to go together, cause he asked Andrew to help us buy it. At first I don't really know is for December Babies! UNTIL! Choon Lim come and asked me, I were like wtf!? Nevermind nevermind is over, my fault. I'm sorry. as long as we still celebrate with the december babies! x)

Next should be the Karaoke session, don't really want to sing, suddenly don't have the mood. Then Chun Hui introduced the Mr.Toh they are actually 3brothers. So we eat fried chicken and etc. I followed Chun Hui to meet the boss! MR.Toh also, then we asked about the beer, he dared us to take the beer if we have no money, sorry Mr.Toh I'm not that guy who like to take stuff for free. if not I would have take it. =) and I'm not beer addicted.

So basically around 11pm like that we went back to Coral bay resort! Around 1am only I slept if I'm not wrong. OH yea. I found out that my right leg bitten by red ant, and also left leg something went in damn pain.

Day 3- exploring the whole pangkor!
Choon Lim called me and I wake up around 6-7am or maybe 8am, I'm glad that they asked me to wake up, then I have the chance to cycle with them. First we eat breakfast then we went to rent 12 bicycles! Whose joining? Boon Wei, Choon Lim, Jun Yik, Xian Tze, Wei Quan, Iiko, Ee Lynn, Ying Yi, Yi Rui, Pei Nee, Benedict and Edmund.

THen we need to drive around pangkor island. It's nice! So we have few pitstop cause it's really hard for the girls to catch up especially High hills. Don't really remember the route we went but this is the place we went, Foo Ling Kong temple, Qi Ling Kong, Satay fish factory, restoran (eat),

I know we are quite slow, mainly we stop quite long. Especially the Qi Ling Kong to pray pray!
Well and also restoran stop to eat. Visit few places take some photos! photos with Peggy right?!
So lets wait for her.

When we are back then only we realize actually there is a lunch for us LOL! Nevermind, I love that lunch we paid too! We are happy when we reach the Jetty of Sunset cruise.
So we just continue cycle! and we reached Coral Bay Resort!! =)
OMG! I still remember my cycle hit Pei Nee's bicycle until I fall down, luckily I'm smart to jump out from the bicycle. And i'm sorry Pei Nee..hurt your hand but I'm actually nothing.

So when we went back is around afternoon if I'm not wrong, so I went back and take a bath. I heard that Mun Hon, ZY and Yuan + Astin went to cycle around also. So after that we decided to swim! We played polo with Aaron and the volleyball gang. OMG! my leg muscle cramp when I suddenly moved too hard, nevermind I go rest awhile, Jun Yik's leg also cramp haha. I think the main reason is we use too much leg muscle to cycle.

After that went back and bath, saw s6 get ready for Sunset cruise, I knew that they 70% can c the sunset because morning all the wind had blown away. So lucky, not like us. When I had finished my bath, MH+ZY+EY+Astin they all came back. I think they use around 2hours only. Don't think they stop so many pitstop like us.

I love cycle around, but it's dangerous too! =)
After i bath, around 5.30 or 6pm Aaron they all want to cycle also, so they lend our bicycle and cycle around. Actually I just want to show them our bicycle but in the end I also cycle around haha. Zhen Ting and I teach Hui Yee how to cycle. hrm..but it's hard if first time u learn. Some of them decided to watch the sunset, but it's almost 7pm. So I quickly rush to the restoran, they had get ready the food. xP!

After we eat, I tried cycle around with Mun Hon to look for the supper seafood price. Then suddenly heard they were at Coco! So we went there feel a bit Sien since the place booked by s3! anyway it's almost 10pm so I quickly gather them around to return the bicycle, although I'm not sure how many bicycle we got, I know that the uncle is a good guy! ^^

Then we waited for our supper lor, eat then play some cards.
Around 3 something only sleep if not wrong. Abit blur blur already. =.=''

Day 4- happy ending
Lols! I don't know why my alarm shocked me up! xD! So I just called Chun Hui wake up then slowly asked them 1 by 1 wake up. I bath first and packed my stuff a little. I knew that alot people is tired. I slowly called them wake up. Zhen Yoong hardest! -.-''
So I decided to take a look at s6 rooms. Really! All sleeping..Jie Yi asking Wei Jun, Brian that gang to wake up. I went to Roger, WaiKit, JustinBan, Yee Hang and etc that room. Many of them still sleeping, but I had waked them uP! =D

So we get ready ourself, then we went to Lobby rest a while. I knew that we are the first lol. We did it. SwT! Andrew helped us delay the time already, as I had expected. So we just wait calmly, then we took group photos!


Then we proceed to Bidor, on the way everyone slept! tired mah..xp I heard that, Bidor is Chun Hui's hometown, so he brought us to the famous shop to eat Duck Leg Mee. Kinda nice not bad! x)
around 2.30 we leave Bidor and we went to Sungkai Hot Spring, I were thinking, the weather is hot and now Hot spring lol. Hot+Hot = Super Hot.
We tried few temperature, 30-40, 40-50 and 50-60. HOT! xD
Wanted to play the water park, but then nobody accompany all scare dirty so nevermind then.
Had a bath wow! SO REFRESH! xD
then had a nice sleep in the bus again! All the camera man taking photos woots! sleep pose really that nice?! haha.

Alright around 7smtg we reached school, MH, ZY, EY and Me decided to eat some stuff at Kanaa. We saw a lorry fail to U-turn end up stuck at the divider. Good now. All the car is stuck! -.-''
I decided to called my dad and ask my dad to wait at the Bak Kut Teh place we usually eat. So went EY's house, so damn bloody big! I hope I can have one. ^^

Then..ZY's sister took us back! And i met with my dad and WENT HOME!
pack my stuff and get ready oioi lor!

babe got photos from you..hopefully my friend's camera is alright!

End of trip! I Love it! =)

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