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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Prom night! x)

o ystd was the prom night. 7pm? =.='' I guess 8pm only start bah. Nevermind, so I reached there, went to 6th floor saw Ruby, Eng Yuan, Brian and etc. Lols! Eng Yuan so leng cai know you have a DOMANCHI (don't know how to spell) coat lar! RM500++ ? Not sure. Lols

Alright..then walk around, wait at the Lobby floor. Around 7 smtg saw Shu Ying, I know you got a nice hair lar swts. So good everyone is so lengcai and lenglui! x)
So basically all the boys wear black, and the special one, MunHon, Kuo Wei and Yong Sheng wear the white want!! =D I bet if someone wear the red one, he's the prom king.

At first I tought quite hot, but then later not really. So at first magic show..not bad. then eat, perfomance. After eat, then all go to dance floor and dance! =) alright then we make a long chain running up and down. So we enjoy the dance lol

OWH! I saw Muhafiz! Form1 and Form 2 frens, still that sexy old face! haha. Hope to see you more often.

After that the lucky draw time, not bad not bad lol Bangkok flight from airasia!! and an Ipod! woots! i'm not that lucky hrm...=)
So if i'm not wrong, Wei Lun get the Bangkok Flight-grand prize
The funny wan..Francisca get maggie mee omg =.=''

alright then some prize award..Brian Cheah -Prom King, Cindy Bong -Prom Queen! =)
well next..Best Couple---> Loh Kee Siang & Ang Hui Inn
King of the Dance Floor---> Andrew Ng (nice one!! )

then almost 11 or 12am, went back to MunHon's house, Jason drived us home! THANKS JASON CHONG! next time I fetch you lor hor!? =P

at MunHon's house watch football, eat peanut lol ps2 then slept. I know I'm the first one who slept while listening to Bye Bye that song. haha. Luckily Zhen Yoong didnt hit me! *Hiu*

So the next morning! which is 14dec! Waked up around 12pm then wear contact lens. MunHon's mum and aunty fetch us to go and eat. x) then went back and MunHon's mum fetch me back to Sunway Piramid.

I went into Sunway..then find for Giant, bought some snacks for Pangkor. ^^ we can share share!
then wait for dad, is like super duper JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! =.=''
dunoo whats wrong with Sunway..oh yea today sunday mah lol

so now get ready to Pangkor trip! hope everyone enjoy! after trip sure sien wan lol.

alright then babe! I'll away till friday owh! =D
i not sure there got line anot!! xoxo! ^^

Anyway here's my hair and c.lens photo lar lols
Before go to prom! (in the toilet)

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