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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Psychology Day!

Prof. Tan is going to discuss some problems regarding family issues.

Read the situation below.
Son A is around 15-17 years old, teenagers like us.

Son A: Mummy and daddy, tomorrow I'm going to finish my PMR examinations, can I go out hang out with my friends? It's been long time I did not hang out with my friends.
Mummy: Why you behave so naughty now? Did you know that outside lots of strangers!?
Daddy: Hang out with friends do what?! It's just a waste of money! You think we very rich now?
Son A: *speechless*
Mummy and Daddy, Continue shooting all their REASONS!
What do you think about this conversation? It happens to you too?
Come let me tell you what I think about this.
The Son A just finished his exams, I believe that he will be very stressful during the exam period? Keep study study study!
The Parents, can you all answer the Son's question? His asking you whether he can go out or not? Why are you all talking something not related? I just feel that sometimes parents, you all don't understand what your children think about. Do you think that this can prevent them from getting out? Or maybe you want them to stay in the house for the rest of the life?

It's not that going out with friends is totally WRONG! Yes I admit, if you mix those bad friends you are in bad situation. But do all the parents know that, you still need your children learns how to BERDIKARI? You keep them in the house for what? Protect them from not getting hurt by someone? You must let them know how to defense them self, learn how to mix with the social. Can you imagine your son/daughter don't even know how to sit public transport go back their house? Sometimes parents must really sit down and talk to them nicely. Not just keep scold scold scold them. Your children not yet say anything also =.=''

Now read the situation below.
Son A: Mummy and daddy, tomorrow I'm going to finish my PMR examinations, can I go out hang out with my friends? It's been long time I did not hang out with my friends.
Mummy: Really? Where are you going to?
Son A: I'm going to Sunway Square
Daddy: You are going with?
Son A: Erm. Ah Gao, Ah Chong, Ah Mee, Ah Hun, Ah Teh, Ah Lok and Ah Bee
Mummy: all your classmates right? can pass me their number? Make sure that if I cant contact you, I can contact them.
Son A: alright their number is..********************
Daddy: hey! make sure you get back before 6pm alright? It's dangerous outside, beware of strangers and etc.
Son A: alright I will ^^
Mummy: make sure don't simply play around and avoid fighting and stuff!
Son A: I will take care myself, I'm big enough now =P
Daddy: Good luck in your exam's and study hard.
Son A: Yeap sure dad!
Don't you think the conversation on top is better? Parents, you need to do the first step. Show your care in the other way, not just scold them. They are big enough right now, there's no use if you use a big cane! Do you all know that, why most of the parents cant communicate well with their children? It's because of you all! Not even give them a single chance to talk. They hardly even tell them what's happen in the school, who they mix around and etc. You don't even know what are they doing OUTSIDE!

I met some parents who are too linean, their children can go home at the midnight, I call it too much freedom? It's really dangerous, You don't even know what are they doing outside. Pub? Clubbing? Smoking? bad behaviour. I'm not saying that those are bad, but for teenagers like us, it is best to avoid those places. This is another reason why your children mix with the bad easily.

For children's, take an opportunity to talk to your parents, do no hesitate to tell them what you feel and stuff. Come on, they are your parents. They stay with u so long, I don't think they will not talk to u nicely. Let say, if they started to scold u or what, tell them:" Mum, dad, listen to me. I wanted to tell u something everytime, but you all don't give me the chance." You know if you all still keep quiet and stuff don't talk to your parents, they will just think that you are still not mature enough, they not "Fang Xin" to let you all go out. In this world, which parents don't love their children?

For me, yes! I admit that my parents tight me up when I'm form 1 and form 2, and now I believed it's good, that's the age where you going to turn bad, and there's no turning back. Until form 3, they willing to let me go out like, once a month or what. I remember, my aunty and my uncle told my parents, you should let your son go out once a while to relax themself, watch movie and stuff. There's no use if you keep let them stay at the house. And from that onwards, my parents willing to let me go out already.

I used to comfort them, that I will take care myself and stuff. I even heard that my dad told my relatives infront of me, he said:" I scare one day he will turn gila, when I saw him study non stop in 3 weeks time, to prepare for SPM." I felt comfort, there's the reason why he let me go out now days too.

I'm going to study again =), hopefuly I can withstand the pressure, I'm not sure I still have that much of time to acompany my babe anot..but I will try my best. You know I heard from my friends sister, everytime internal exam's. ROAR! =)
Anyway I'm studying Form 3 Sejarah and Geografi. Need to teach my lazy cousin when his back. About him, his another guy who doesn't like to study, and his lazy. Ah! It's faith and god let him to be like that, it's really hard even he stay in my house. =.=''

P/S: I know this is not a PRO article or what, it's just my personal view, if you don't mind you can put print this out and let you parents read it, if you have the same problems.
In case, if you really met the same situation like I said, I'm not mention about YOU, it's just dedicated for the whole parents and children in this world.

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