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Thursday, December 11, 2008

wat a day..damn tired+sick

aikx..duno why rainy day makes me sick and tired. T.T
so today learn driving not bad lar, just that mati engine twice lol, release the clutch too fast already, and I dun really can feel the clutch sometimes. =.=
1 more things change gear also, when I change gear, my right hand too stiff =.=

lol after driving do secret thingy xD only 2person know i guess. Shh.

then later ler come back house tired lor, heard you went clinic hope you are alright. x)
must remember take care yourself.

THen i want to try online stupid lar..cant online =.='' modem ADSL Light not on and keep blinking haih so now Using people's wireless online xD *smart*
that owner I also don't understand before SPM until now, if I got on my cousin's laptop I sure use his connection, I scare he hack ler lol.

TMR, 3-5pm I go learn driving, and waiting for Alvin to e-mail me the stuff for trips then I quickly post up.
2 more days to prom.
Yuan enjoy your holiday x)

k lar it's time for
Baboon sign out.

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