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Thursday, December 4, 2008

what a decision =.=''

Lol this morning, wake up early in the morning..around 8.30am, bath and eat breakfast. Then wait for my aunt to come and fetch me, need to go Sunway UC to ask information right...

later go there talk to the girl call Miss Lai -.-'' I think so..then she introduce the Accounting&Finance degree under Lancaster University. ROAR~ not really interested, but she told us some Good point, like contract with the Big4 accountant firm for 4 years, internship, and scholarships and stuff.

My heart a little bit attracted to it already, lol. then she ask the Elaine come and explain also, so from 10.45 we talk till 12.30pm then my aunt fetch my cousin and I home. K lor, come back then just think think look through the brochuer, just feel like CAT/ACCA suits me lar..must choose that one liao LOL! it's fast, cheap but what you study is 100% based on exam. Once fail means fail. But degree easier, got assignment. haih..nevermind lar I CAN DO IT! exam only mah! after my ACCA I will quickly get my Master. Then I work until die liao lar LOL! build up a family =D

alright..tomorrow schedule..10.30 check out the Blazer Renting with Samuel Gan, his brother fetch me. Then later i really don't know go where. Maybe Samuel say go Sunway or what just follow him.

alright goodnight everyone. ^^
to you too babe.

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