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Saturday, December 13, 2008

wuhoooo! tonight! PROM!

so ystd cause now 12am already. Ystd, went now I am more confident with my clutch already, didn't mati engine today haha. So today learnt...stop at Traffic light, and hills up.

hRm...nothing much ystd babe is happy! =D she's going to dinner tonight and I'm going for prom.

Farhan don't be too excited and nervous. x)
I will be arrive there around 6.30pm - 7.00pm if no traffic jam. Anything is possible.

morning going to Sunway UC, have to hear a talk with Wen Yung(my cousin), regarding CAT/ACCA.

alright then..after my prom night..will go my friends house and sleep. Maybe at night go activities or what..yamcha or cc?! dunno yet, they still not yet plan..that's how the boys work =D

Baboon sign out!


Yee Sim is my babe's best fren =D
hope your dreams come true, and PMR 8A's!! haha x) enjoy!

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