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Friday, January 30, 2009


LOL! Alright i'm back from Thailand! oOo!
Omg! Feel not alright at all when I saw those Aqua! Some are quite pretty but some....DISGUSTING! ==

I just took some photos will upload soon hRm!~ =)

Brief details.
1st day.
reached airport around 5.30am, ate McD breakfast, I pour the Coffee luckily can refill =)
around 6.40 went to the gate and enter the plane.

After 1 hour 10 minutes. ARRIVED!
wuhooo! met up with my uncle used to be my cousin's dad, the form 3 cousin who stay in my house.
He drive his ISUZU DMAX LOL! ==''
so sit in the car went to Patong Beach. Lots of MatSaleh xD! they love beach! =D
we went to the hotel and had breakfast. met up with my aunt and 3 cousins LOL! 3 small wan!!

Around 10 - 11am went to Jungceylon mall (Patong's first full-fledged modern air-con shopping mall). Went to buy some grocery! OMG! When we reached there all the shops still not open yet, they will like open their shop around 11.30am. So LATE! If it is in Malaysia, 10 or 10.30 we get ready our mall. So it's kinda weird. And mum and aunt went to do facial+massage, it's only RM39.90 per person, ah! I know it's cheap so you know cheap stuff don't have quality, but it's 60min so my mum said is still worth the money.

Uncle, dad, etc and I went around the mall. Went in to the Shooting cafe, there is a shooting ground there, shoot the target with real gun and bullet. I used some kind of sniper so my target is quite close to the black one.

But when I use the machine gun to shoot for a while, LOL! it's hard to aim!! =)

My score ^^

After that walk around all the shops. It's like Sri Petaling shops LOL!
Gucci? Nike? LV? =)
Around evening swim at the hotel's swimming pool. It's call Baumanburi hotel.

At night went around to look for seafood restaurant, ah! found one. But it's expensive! 400++ Maybe due to the lobster? ah! I'm LOVING IT! =)

2nd Day.
wake up! eat breakfast and went to the beach!! =D took off my shirt and look around WAH! all Matsaleh ah? xD. dun care lar just go play oni ^^ I know I cant beat those AH MO LANG muscular build =)

ah! imagine don't have sunblock and so damn hot!!

Afternoon sit in the car for around 30mins to reach another big shopping mall! needa eat something there so HUNGRY! No place to sit so we sit the Car BOOT there, no aircond just depends on wind! HOT HOT HOT! Those 4WD Truck can put stuff behind, Thailand allow passenger to sit there.

Reached there, and what we eat ah? OH YEA BREAD LOL! drink some coffee too! ^^

later shop shop shop then go take the VAT Refund paper. To refund 7% VAT (VAT=government tax). hRm!~

on the way back went to play the Go Kart, not bad not bad! =) 15mins for I not sure how much LOL! Cousin Ming and I played the Go kart, while Cousin Bing played the Buggy ride its around Rm160.

ah! so hot and we went back. went back to hotel and change my swim suit straight jump into the swimming pool haha!

At night went near the beach to eat seafood cost only 100++
after that walk around the beach uncle help me took some photo.
Bought surfing pants with my cousin. Later on went back watch WWE and sleeeep!

3rd day.
wake up eat breakfast and check out! needa go to Krabi. Around 2 hour ride, imagine we are sitting behind the truck there! HOT HOT HOT!!!! we took out our shirt. =)
Reached there check in the hotel. And went to the beach again LOL! Its around 6-7pm already, ah the beach is erm erm erm we can walk till far far. What's that call er er er its like at night the water will move towards where and morning the water will move towards seashore. ==''

So we move around and catch the small crab and we found dead jellyfish. And our leg turn into red! don't really know whats that.

Small crab

Sunset and we went to a restaurant. My uncle knew the boss but he willing to call the boss until we finish eaten, he is afraid that the boss will not accept his pay haha. AH!!! this is the best meal DAMN! =='' Cost only RM200+ eat so many stuff. Crabs, prawn, tomyam, YuPiao, fish and etc. But all spicy stuff LOL! I just keep sweating, you know im natural with it.

Later on went to those night market again, bought Tshirt- those funny funny wan (Ipod --> Ipood and etc) only RM15 for one. we bargain =D my uncle know how to speak Thai Language lar!

Walk around and went back.
My cousin and I decided to play at the Cybercafe. But shop closed.
No choice sleep lor.

4th day.
wake up went to a restaurant and eat dim sum, 15 "Long" 5 small "Long" only cost RM40+
I think is cheaper than the dim sum in Malaysia. and the environment there is NICE! without air-conditioner I can feel the coolness!

Later went to the airport around 11am. The airport is better than the Phuket!! ==
check in drink coffee and wait the plane.
Later on, sleep in the plane. AHHH! head damn pain don't know why.

Reached KL. Went to duty free shop! Bought cigarette for me LOL! Cigarette for uncle LA! and dad bought Chivas. He seldom drink it. Don't have CK perfume if not I bought it already. CK IN 2 U!
Went back with a cab. Reached home and wait for relatives to eat DINNER! =)

AH! Malaysia FOOD. I requested not to eat spicy food lol.
AHH! my face lots of pimple already, eat too much spicy food and the SUN at there HOT LIKE HELL! ==''

*Photos will upload soon*

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Happy 6th month! =)

I know we cant meet each other everyday,
I know sometimes I am naughty,
I know I study a lot,
I know sometimes I cant make you happy,
I know we seldom took photo together,

But as times goes by,
I know that I love you very much.

I wish that our love last long! LONGGGG! LonGgG! and LONGGG!
Promise? I can't say I promise. But I will use my heart to prove it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!


I hope everyone get lots of ANGPAO! =)
anyway today I eat "Tuan Yuan" rice with all my relatives receive Angpao from them! =D
Will be back on Thursday 29-1-09! Miss ya everyone! and of course babe! =D

Anyway just wanna forward something from Chun Hui!
Primary class Gathering!

Date: 7 February 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 12.00 to 4.00pm
Place: Sunway Pyramid (Maybe in Restaurant Wong Kok)

I want everyone confirm whether you going or not by 30 January. Pass this email to ex-classmate that you still have the contact. For those who don't online, sms them... PLS.
Any other further inquiry about this gathering? Feel free to contact me @

And a short message from him.

Hello, I'm your ex-primary schoolmates, Chun Hui. I'm here to inform that you been invited into a Primary Schoolmates gathering as well as a farewell party to our ex-classmate Chua Gai Lian who will be going Taiwan soon for her further study. This gathering priority is ex-6A classmates but any of our ex-schoolmates from the our class or any other friends that know Gai Lian are also welcome. The gathering will be held @ Sunway Pyramid on Saturday (7 February 2009). What we going to do there? Should be eating and chit-chatting.

I hope everyone could really attend this gathering and pass this news to your ex-primary school friends since we ex-students from SJK(C) Sungei Way has not organized a successful gathering before. Take this chance and chat with old friends.
Most probably I am going!

Friday, January 23, 2009

LOL! i totally forget about my blog =)

Sorry bloggie! My fault, I didn't update you for almost 2 weeks! SORRY!
Bloggie:"Alright I shall forgive you."

Let me see..what I remember!
16-1-09 (FRIDAY) so it's time to REST! I don't have school on Friday. So what do you think I had decided to do? Went to school to look for babe! ^^
oh yea, btw I know it's HARI GERKO (where all the society set up their stalls and attract the new students) in CHS.
In the morning, I still remember I took bus No.13 to school. too bad! I failed my test, ah! it's embarass I know. =) but it's Ok! I will give it the second try after CNY.
So went to look for babe, saw her! YES I AM HAPPY!!! oh yea, btw met up with Farhan and WeiJie.

17-1-09 (Saturday) and 18-1-09 (Sunday)
Finished watching 幸福的抉择
omg! Progress test is on the next FRIDAY! STUDYYYYYY!
23-1-09 (Friday)
AH! So relief! Today I had just finished my progress test! T1 still not bad, at least I finished 1 hour earlier, but T2 I finished half an hour earlier, mostly due to calculations! AH! Miss Getha!
Alright but at least waited for my groups of RED friends to finish their paper it's almost time and we passed up the paper together.
Regarding the test, I have 80% of confident that I will pass! =)
So after lunch we took some photo. ^^ ah dammit! I'm not in the group photo!
From the left: Jason, ME,Boon Siew(ClassRap.),Dahrshan,Wee Liang

We always eat lunch together!
From the left:Wee Liang, Hong Leong,Jason,Sohan,Beh,Ling,Michelle
Front:Bryan, Katharine
AH! I'm not inside the photo, went to library!

Alright, after that we have Mr.Bill's class! I know everyone feel relax after the Progress Test, including ME!
Forget to mention that, actually Wee Liang is from Muar, my hometown. So if possible we will meet up.

and I will be going back Muar tomorrow, and then going Thailand-Phuket, not only Phuket and 1 more place I don't know what is that call LOL!. will be back Malaysia on Thursday. So if there is any gathering PLEASE CONTACT ME ON THURSDAY EVENING LOL!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

finally I can REST!

9/1/09 -FRIDAY!
omg! this is the only day in every week where I can sleep more than 8 hours. FRIDAY!

alright wake up, then as usually blur blur. Then go bath and eat my brunch while watching TV! So it's my driving again, the stupid stupid stupid uncle called me at 1.30pm telling me that 2.00pm he will reach, fine! I call babe and told her lor.

Drive and learn the slope, damn diao lor that uncle! U imagine people only RM 20/hour YOUR WAN LER! RM30/hour F*** you! I almost quarrel with him, it's alright I stay calm I BET AFTER THIS no one will GO YOUR BLACK SHOP! damn it. somemore tomorrow will see him again, 4 hours! SHIT LAR!
I want to pass my driving test and STOP calling you UNCLE.

SHIT! forget to mention that my mum went to Aus on the 9th of Jan - 12am flight, they Melbourne at 9.30am. I tried to "tam" my mum to buy me some stuff, hopefully she will buy it for me =)

alright tomorrow i'm going to COMMUNICATE with that uncle again, 3 more days I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU ANYMORE!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Study study study = Studieeeeeeeeees!

sorry for the late updates =)
I'm not going to update that often from now on, sorry ah..I don't even have the time to online T.T

alright first day, study CSB -Communication Skills in Business, this subject is not included in the final exams, but it is implemented this year to improve our understand and learning of terms and etc in accounting. so first day Miss Josephine entered, asked us to introduce ourselves and walk around the class to interact with others, not bad we started to communicate LOLS.

Then continue our class from 11.30am -1.30pm and from 2.30pm - 4.30pm again. =) can you imagine the stress? LOL! Study from morning until afternoon. And the schedule is like so pack! 1 benefit is that, we have no classes on Friday.

But here comes the bad news, we are going to have Computer class on Friday, 12 hours which means we can complete in 3 days, 1 day 4hours. Ms. Geetha suggested us to take it on the Friday. GOD BLESS! LOL!

nevermind from the day i started to choose this course, I had told myself I must DO IT! =)
Believe me, I'm revising what teacher taught every night. TIREED!

So tomorrow is the free day, can't believe Mr.Bill my T5 teacher gave me FUN WORK and it's not homework lol. 10 subjective questions, each with 14marks and 20 objective questions.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New college life tmr =)

Wuhooo! Finally College life HUH!? =D
not bad lar, going to enjoy it but I am having study pressure HOW!? I need to pass every single exam paper omg! haha!


k lar! Goodnight everyone, and to my friends-enjoy your LIFE ^^

3rd Jan 09 - Farhan's partiee!

3rd of Jan 2009

farhan! haha! I made it! =) no lar..need to say thanks to everyone also lor! especiall those who came for the party. eh Farhan, don't forget about your mum! THANK YOU AUNTY FAUZIAH! =)
thank you for the meal!

We planned a surprise, idea from Lu Jia Chie, we ask the waiter to let farhan sit a place a corner where he cannot see us, then all of us hide at the Coach. We asked the waiter to place a big box full with presents in it on the table, later on tie waiter asked farhan to follow us, then we just POP OUT! haha! he was surprised! =)

Then we just enjoyed our lunch, and of course the beautiful cake.
Sorry photos, need to take from Shuxuan! =)

Friday, January 2, 2009

shop alone T.T

today wake up, Wei Jie suddenly called me up =.='' asked me to go Sunway Piramid. again wtf? haha! this time is to buy present for someone lar, don't want to mention whose that xp!

alright then they went back and left me shop alone?!
roar! it's kinda boring, at least I can concentrate on my shirts ^^

So at least i bought 3 shirts =D, one of it with Hood, one of it polo, and one of it almost like hood-white colour want.

alright end of the day. ^^

goodbye 2008!

Went Sunway Pyramid countdown with my friends on 31st Dec 2008.
Watched -Bedtime stories
Then, went Station 1 cafe to enjoy our dinner, helped Tzen Haw celebrated his birthday.
Wei Hong, Xin Ling and Yi Rui went station 1 cafe and met with us. Then we went to the look out point to wait for the fireworks. It's around 11pm, we just waited at there, the people's is getting more and moreeeeeeeeeeee! =D
12AM! HAPPY NEW YEAR! at first it looks like nobody want to play spray then we just like spray to ourselves. But then go out that time, so many people playing lar, the boys were like when they saw the girls they started to spray! =='' so bad! LOLS!

Then we met Ren Hong, and went home. We yamcha and eat supper then went home SLEEP! =D

Goodbye 2008, if I can make a wish on that day, I hope you will forgive me for what I did to you in the year 2008, I hope we can enjoy 2009! ^^


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