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Sunday, January 4, 2009

3rd Jan 09 - Farhan's partiee!

3rd of Jan 2009

farhan! haha! I made it! =) no lar..need to say thanks to everyone also lor! especiall those who came for the party. eh Farhan, don't forget about your mum! THANK YOU AUNTY FAUZIAH! =)
thank you for the meal!

We planned a surprise, idea from Lu Jia Chie, we ask the waiter to let farhan sit a place a corner where he cannot see us, then all of us hide at the Coach. We asked the waiter to place a big box full with presents in it on the table, later on tie waiter asked farhan to follow us, then we just POP OUT! haha! he was surprised! =)

Then we just enjoyed our lunch, and of course the beautiful cake.
Sorry photos, need to take from Shuxuan! =)

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