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Friday, January 2, 2009

goodbye 2008!

Went Sunway Pyramid countdown with my friends on 31st Dec 2008.
Watched -Bedtime stories
Then, went Station 1 cafe to enjoy our dinner, helped Tzen Haw celebrated his birthday.
Wei Hong, Xin Ling and Yi Rui went station 1 cafe and met with us. Then we went to the look out point to wait for the fireworks. It's around 11pm, we just waited at there, the people's is getting more and moreeeeeeeeeeee! =D
12AM! HAPPY NEW YEAR! at first it looks like nobody want to play spray then we just like spray to ourselves. But then go out that time, so many people playing lar, the boys were like when they saw the girls they started to spray! =='' so bad! LOLS!

Then we met Ren Hong, and went home. We yamcha and eat supper then went home SLEEP! =D

Goodbye 2008, if I can make a wish on that day, I hope you will forgive me for what I did to you in the year 2008, I hope we can enjoy 2009! ^^

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