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Friday, January 23, 2009

LOL! i totally forget about my blog =)

Sorry bloggie! My fault, I didn't update you for almost 2 weeks! SORRY!
Bloggie:"Alright I shall forgive you."

Let me see..what I remember!
16-1-09 (FRIDAY) so it's time to REST! I don't have school on Friday. So what do you think I had decided to do? Went to school to look for babe! ^^
oh yea, btw I know it's HARI GERKO (where all the society set up their stalls and attract the new students) in CHS.
In the morning, I still remember I took bus No.13 to school. too bad! I failed my test, ah! it's embarass I know. =) but it's Ok! I will give it the second try after CNY.
So went to look for babe, saw her! YES I AM HAPPY!!! oh yea, btw met up with Farhan and WeiJie.

17-1-09 (Saturday) and 18-1-09 (Sunday)
Finished watching 幸福的抉择
omg! Progress test is on the next FRIDAY! STUDYYYYYY!
23-1-09 (Friday)
AH! So relief! Today I had just finished my progress test! T1 still not bad, at least I finished 1 hour earlier, but T2 I finished half an hour earlier, mostly due to calculations! AH! Miss Getha!
Alright but at least waited for my groups of RED friends to finish their paper it's almost time and we passed up the paper together.
Regarding the test, I have 80% of confident that I will pass! =)
So after lunch we took some photo. ^^ ah dammit! I'm not in the group photo!
From the left: Jason, ME,Boon Siew(ClassRap.),Dahrshan,Wee Liang

We always eat lunch together!
From the left:Wee Liang, Hong Leong,Jason,Sohan,Beh,Ling,Michelle
Front:Bryan, Katharine
AH! I'm not inside the photo, went to library!

Alright, after that we have Mr.Bill's class! I know everyone feel relax after the Progress Test, including ME!
Forget to mention that, actually Wee Liang is from Muar, my hometown. So if possible we will meet up.

and I will be going back Muar tomorrow, and then going Thailand-Phuket, not only Phuket and 1 more place I don't know what is that call LOL!. will be back Malaysia on Thursday. So if there is any gathering PLEASE CONTACT ME ON THURSDAY EVENING LOL!

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