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Sunday, February 1, 2009

MunHon's party!~

Roar! wake up and went to bank to help mum bank in money.

Later around 1pm i start to do my assignment, around 4pm finish my assignment then get ready bath and wait for Astin.

Then around 5pm Astin come lor, and go fetch Debbie. =)
Next proceed to MunHon's house! Reached there all the gang start to gamble ready.
Sit there for while, 5mins later WeiJi arrived. hRm..start to be the gamble king.

Gamble awhile win a little, but then after BBQ+ Dinner, money lose back but still earn RM7 LoL!==
Later on went back house and update blog now.

needa sleep soon. will get photos from Li kee.

thankyou Astin.

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