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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Study study study = Studieeeeeeeeees!

sorry for the late updates =)
I'm not going to update that often from now on, sorry ah..I don't even have the time to online T.T

alright first day, study CSB -Communication Skills in Business, this subject is not included in the final exams, but it is implemented this year to improve our understand and learning of terms and etc in accounting. so first day Miss Josephine entered, asked us to introduce ourselves and walk around the class to interact with others, not bad we started to communicate LOLS.

Then continue our class from 11.30am -1.30pm and from 2.30pm - 4.30pm again. =) can you imagine the stress? LOL! Study from morning until afternoon. And the schedule is like so pack! 1 benefit is that, we have no classes on Friday.

But here comes the bad news, we are going to have Computer class on Friday, 12 hours which means we can complete in 3 days, 1 day 4hours. Ms. Geetha suggested us to take it on the Friday. GOD BLESS! LOL!

nevermind from the day i started to choose this course, I had told myself I must DO IT! =)
Believe me, I'm revising what teacher taught every night. TIREED!

So tomorrow is the free day, can't believe Mr.Bill my T5 teacher gave me FUN WORK and it's not homework lol. 10 subjective questions, each with 14marks and 20 objective questions.

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