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Saturday, February 28, 2009

7th month!~

Happy 7th Month

do you still remember how I first met you face to face?
do you still remember what is the first movie we watch together?
do you still remember how I actually hold your hand?
do you still remember how I hug you?
Do you still remember, what I tell you every night.

ahhh and Here it goes 1 more time.
I love You.

Our love shall not fade away.
There is no photos of us for how many months? I'm not sure, but what I can look for every time I close my eyes at night, is that I can find our memorable photos flying here and there =)

finally but another 1 coming. =)

well wake up around 6.30am and start study around 7.30am.
study till around 11, mum asked me to go out and eat Pan Mee but I refuse to cause it's a waste of time waiting there for around 30mins to get the Pan Mee, so I decided to ask my mum to dapao!

around 12 eat and get ready to go Sunway UC.

argh! reach there around 1.30pm no more time to study, never mind.

so enter the class and finished around 3.30pm, I am not really confident cause there are around 10 questions I were like 50:50 don't know what to choose, end up choosing a wrong answer lol.

So finally~~~*dum Dum Dum*

I get 70! for my MOCK exam LOL! Passed =)
so Miss Geetha said that there will be another Mock exam next week.

alright then. went to Sunway, watch movie and eat. =)

the end~
oh shit! T5 hw again! and no more IDOU T.T

Thursday, February 26, 2009

exam again?!

haih. 28 exam again, T2 mock exam.

well something funny from mr.Bill again. x)
i enjoy his class lol but sometimes I feel sleepy.
So let me see what he said,

he said that last time he got a gf and His gf is too emotional, so he decided to leave her, the reason because his gf too emotional

alright he is trying to tell us that, a leader should not be emotional =)

another one,
he told us that next time if we become daddy or mummy we should give some freedom to our children but of course we must make sure their safety. =)
so that they can learn from mistake.

*Hopefully what I remember is correct, inform me if something is wrong.

and I don't know why today a little sleepy in his class.
oh yea today Wee Liang's friend, Erness? or Ernest. Not sure, taught some basic breakdance.
hRm..gonna learn it.

tomorrow i'm going back to Muar, to "baibai" my grandfather, passed away few years. =)
hopefully can come back around 4-5pm I need to study.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

phone sick, printer sick, somemore who sick?

Well, tomorrow T5 exam paper, hopefully I can pass this progress test 1, it is just test 1 but it seems like quite tough.

So will be using the cheap China phone now. dammit I want the SE IDOU! estimated to be 3k now.

Phone sick, my printer sick also -.-''
dammit was trying to inject the ink, but then the new inject ink's needle broke inside the cartridge, I was like wtf! and my finger black colour!

oh yea finally can print black colour already. hopefully nothing wrong with the cartridge if not i am going to buy a new printer.


Monday, February 23, 2009

owh my phone...sick!

Argh! Don't know why my phone suddenly hang and when I restart it back, there is something wrong with the keypad. ARGH! I Need new phone! =)

And finally my 3years old Motorola Razr V3i , is sick! xD

oh yea, browse through the net, saw a new Sony ericsson IDOU.
the features all touch screen and it looks like IPHONE =D 12.1 Megapixel wuhooooo! =)

looking forward to it should be more than Rm2.5k =.=

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday JASON TUANG



2009, 6th Jan. You entered the class and start to make jokes. I know you are a friendly guy. Yes indeed we are a good friends now right? =P
Nice to meet you! And continue with your jokes.
Happy birthday and wish your dreams come true! =)
oh yeA! Don't drink so much of beer. =P

21/2/09 - Sunway Piramid.

The birthday boy!
*lousy staff who took this picture*

Let ME cut the cake =P
I know I'm good in cutting cake.

omG! evil post.
From left, Zorhan,ME,WeeLiang,Bryan, Jason,Daniel


Wee Liang, are you really that attractive?
the end. =)

Saturday, February 21, 2009



20 MV's! + 1 neckalce!


THE COVER - Dragon Rider

The 2 DVD I guess. GOLD/Yellow- On the Run MV, RED- Capricorn MV!

Jay's Necklace- Jay wear at the front cover, SURPRISED! =D

Is it worth? NOT WORTH?
I just want all his album + collection! =)
I will go and grab it! AH! SO EXCITED =)
1 more jay stuff in the collection shelf.


So here's the T2 exam- Progress Test 2
60 Questions in 2.5hour.
Miss's hard! I complicate myself UNDER- ABSORBED, OVER- ABSORBED?
I asked my frens they said they confuse too. LOL! some just put 50:50.

AH! It's over, hopefully can pass.

Alright so we finished our exam around 5.30pm. It's going to rain so we quickly go SP.
Actually booked, Punisher War Zone. But it's too early we need to eat.

Went to eat Ramen. =)
bought a small cake with Katharine for Jason. Although it's small but u know it means alot. =)

Photos will be updated when I snatch it from someone =D

So we watched EDEN LAKE.

I rate.
Scary 5/10,
Excited 6/10,
Bloody 10/10
Plot 6.5/10
Overall rating, 6/10
Some description about the movie, please highlight the words if you want to read.
At first look at the Poster, NO director name, NO actor-actress name. My frens and I were like wth?! Saw my classmates. They said QUITE BORING. BUT scary. So I think I will be disappointed. Everything start from a dog lol.
Oh yea, this movie tell us that we should not go place like Lake, River, Forest with no Communication. even if you want to go to such place, make sure you have all the safety precaution. and please don't go with your gf.
At least find some place got more people want. ==''
I promise I will not bring my gf to such place lol. SCARRY! =)

After the movie, went back. Daniel fetch me home. =)
and I really want to watch Punisher. I will go for it next week.

P/S: Domnodragon aka Jason reminded me that, I didn't manage to watch Punisher because it's too early. =D

Friday, February 20, 2009


owh my goD! where is GOD. I need your help.
Tomorrow exam.
Feb28 exam- Pre-mock (T2)
March 6 exam - MOCK exam (T1+T2)
March 14 exam - T2 FINAL EXAM!
March 20 exam - Progress Test 1 (T4), Progress 2 (T5)
March 21 exam - T1 FINAL EXAM ( exempted if get A in Prinsip Akaun)

almost every week exam, SIAO eh! =)
but I must used to it, and I think I used to it. Every night study study study.
Now you all know why I don't have time to update my blog *

oh yea! IN 2-3 more weeks, SPM results is coming. No fear.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yuen steamboat. =)

oh yea. went to eat steamboat with few primary school friends. =)
photos will explain everything =D

Photos from Amelia Ang.

The gal! =)
Amelia left, GaiLian right.

My frens.

The boys + The gals.

Front: Amelia, GaiLian
Btm: Yi Heng, ME

ah! after eating so much of prawn I'm full. I asked her
to take the bowl of prawn shell, not both of us haha.

Thanks for Chun Hui for organizing this. You are great. =)
although some can't make it, but we still enjoy right? =D

Goodbye GaiLian, wish you all the best in Taiwan.

FGS Dong Chan Si (佛光山 - 东禅寺) Feb 8 VISITED!

FGS - DOng Chan Si temple. Took me around 1 hour ++ including traffic jam around 1hour30minutes to reach there. This temple amazed me. I still remember I visited around 2005 or 2006, that time not so nice cause it's not CNY celebration.
Don't know why my parents decided to went there with my cousieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! =)
SO we went there, wow! ALOT PEOPLE! =)
Designer, technician who make the light decoration THANKS! ^^
Some photos for you all.

not COW *try zoom in*got beard

Big head SAMI.

my uncle and aunt with 4 SONS! HOLY NAUGHTY!

Cousin's 4ever since small! =)
I will not forget our childhood moment.
P/S! the left guy, I admire how he study,

I had been looking at them grow from baby till NOW.
Imagine 10 years later. You will be like me.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

tired Tired Tired!

ah! so tired it's 2.30am now!
just came back from work, need to drive some more.

gtg sleep now! =)

So how was my work? Oh come on, look at those couple eat -.-'' INTERESTING? XD
Flowers, electric from their eyes is burning my heart.

ah! it's ok to work on valentines day at least I get the WAGES *accounting terms* =D

So my mum was like asking me, if I can help next year, I said NO PROBLEM if I have no date.
What about 2011, I'm waiting for you =D

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valantinesss Day!


a special moment for everyone. I hope all the couples in this earth, love their partner forever!
and also wish my single friends, you will slowly get your Love one. ^^

Imagine, my friend going dinner with their girlfriend-boyfriend. Giving each other flower, spend time with each other. WOW! so NICE! How about me? WORK!

yeah WORK! tomorrow NIGHT I am going to see all the sweet couple sit on the chair, looking each other deeply, chit-chatting. eat and Ciaoz.

how are you going to celebrate? my friend ask me. I know I cant celebrate with you, it's ok! everything is alright. I know this is our first Valentine's! I even bought you a present, 2weeks before this MEMORABLE DAY! I never regret of choosing you, although we don't have enough time for each other, I understand your situation. I hope you understand me too.

In this very special day, I want to tell you. I LOVE YOU =)
can't celebrate with you during Valentines day? NEVER MIND.
As long as you are with me, I can celebrate everyday as a Valentines day for you.

Finish my examS!

wuhooo! Finish my T1 (Progress Test 2), T5(Progress Test 1).

There are still, T1- Mock Exam, Final Exam
T2- Progress Test 2, Mock Exam, Final Exam
T5- Progress Test 2, Mock Exam, Final Exam

every week also Exam already! SCARRY! =.=

Can Sunway TES please give us some release stress activities, like throw plates in a room! =)

oh yea, regarding my driving.
Still need to train under parents, they are not confident with me lol. I am learning Reverse parking and side parking, I admit I am still not so good with it yet. And someone need to sit next to me for 1month? ==''
I assume that March I can drive myself! =)

Tomorrow i'm going to work! AH SIEN! Valentines people go celebrate I work. wat the! ><''

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dong Chan Shi Temple

Cousin's+Aunt(Mum's sister)+Uncle came my house to play Mahjong!
damn lar! No freaking luck to win! Play 12rounds I win 1 round only WTF! ==''
nevermind! =)

later around 5-6pm went to Dong chan shi temple! damn traffic jam!
eat dinner at there and went into the temple!
wow! I love the lighting, took some picture ARGH! at cousin there. will upload later =D

later around 10pm went home! ^^

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Primary school Gathering + GaiLian's farewell

How long? 5 years.
Do you still remember how we pass through our Primary school life? Playing with each other. From Fat to Skinny. Cutey to Super Cutey. Crazy to Mature. =)

AND IT'S ALL OF US! =) nah. It's not all, but only part of us!

At WangKok Restaurant.
Second group photo!
GaiLian-the girl in the middle! =) with the boys!

With ShiLingggg! =)
I just miss you all! ^^ hopefully next gathering will have all of 6A class.
Later went to Astin's party.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Astin's party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Special msg to you: Hope your dreams come true! And always in love with EY! ^^

it's her party! =) beside swimming pool! Don't worry, I didn't swim! but my friend-Bryan was thrown by us to the pool lol. Damn kelian lar! Luckily he got towel and extra shirt, but DID NOT BRING EXTRA UNDERWEAR! =D
after her party went to yamcha, and WeiJi fetched me back! =)

Friday, February 6, 2009


omg lar so late already still TAG! =D ugly photo!
The Rules:

1. Take picture of yourself at this instant

2. Don't change your clothes, Don't fix your hair. Just take a picture

3. Post the picture taken with NO EDITING

4. Post your picture with the instructions

5. Tag 5 people
1. Ka Yean
2. Astin
3. XinWei
4. YehLih
5. TongTong
6. Jason Tuang
7. JinWai
8. HongLeong

Sunday, February 1, 2009

mahjong day.

alright today had a DREAM! omg! need to tell babe now LOL!

afternoon didn't go anywhere, just eat my lunch and then went to relatives house.
play few rounds of mahjong there, I think for 2 and half hours =D
we play 1 round RM1, did not count those how many FAN and etc.

in the end don't think I win any or lose any maybe RM1 or Rm2, ^^
eat in their house, my aunt cook! DELICIOUS x)

Image from: Deviantart

MunHon's party!~

Roar! wake up and went to bank to help mum bank in money.

Later around 1pm i start to do my assignment, around 4pm finish my assignment then get ready bath and wait for Astin.

Then around 5pm Astin come lor, and go fetch Debbie. =)
Next proceed to MunHon's house! Reached there all the gang start to gamble ready.
Sit there for while, 5mins later WeiJi arrived. hRm..start to be the gamble king.

Gamble awhile win a little, but then after BBQ+ Dinner, money lose back but still earn RM7 LoL!==
Later on went back house and update blog now.

needa sleep soon. will get photos from Li kee.

thankyou Astin.


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