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Thursday, February 26, 2009

exam again?!

haih. 28 exam again, T2 mock exam.

well something funny from mr.Bill again. x)
i enjoy his class lol but sometimes I feel sleepy.
So let me see what he said,

he said that last time he got a gf and His gf is too emotional, so he decided to leave her, the reason because his gf too emotional

alright he is trying to tell us that, a leader should not be emotional =)

another one,
he told us that next time if we become daddy or mummy we should give some freedom to our children but of course we must make sure their safety. =)
so that they can learn from mistake.

*Hopefully what I remember is correct, inform me if something is wrong.

and I don't know why today a little sleepy in his class.
oh yea today Wee Liang's friend, Erness? or Ernest. Not sure, taught some basic breakdance.
hRm..gonna learn it.

tomorrow i'm going back to Muar, to "baibai" my grandfather, passed away few years. =)
hopefully can come back around 4-5pm I need to study.

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