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Friday, February 20, 2009


owh my goD! where is GOD. I need your help.
Tomorrow exam.
Feb28 exam- Pre-mock (T2)
March 6 exam - MOCK exam (T1+T2)
March 14 exam - T2 FINAL EXAM!
March 20 exam - Progress Test 1 (T4), Progress 2 (T5)
March 21 exam - T1 FINAL EXAM ( exempted if get A in Prinsip Akaun)

almost every week exam, SIAO eh! =)
but I must used to it, and I think I used to it. Every night study study study.
Now you all know why I don't have time to update my blog *

oh yea! IN 2-3 more weeks, SPM results is coming. No fear.

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