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Saturday, February 21, 2009


So here's the T2 exam- Progress Test 2
60 Questions in 2.5hour.
Miss's hard! I complicate myself UNDER- ABSORBED, OVER- ABSORBED?
I asked my frens they said they confuse too. LOL! some just put 50:50.

AH! It's over, hopefully can pass.

Alright so we finished our exam around 5.30pm. It's going to rain so we quickly go SP.
Actually booked, Punisher War Zone. But it's too early we need to eat.

Went to eat Ramen. =)
bought a small cake with Katharine for Jason. Although it's small but u know it means alot. =)

Photos will be updated when I snatch it from someone =D

So we watched EDEN LAKE.

I rate.
Scary 5/10,
Excited 6/10,
Bloody 10/10
Plot 6.5/10
Overall rating, 6/10
Some description about the movie, please highlight the words if you want to read.
At first look at the Poster, NO director name, NO actor-actress name. My frens and I were like wth?! Saw my classmates. They said QUITE BORING. BUT scary. So I think I will be disappointed. Everything start from a dog lol.
Oh yea, this movie tell us that we should not go place like Lake, River, Forest with no Communication. even if you want to go to such place, make sure you have all the safety precaution. and please don't go with your gf.
At least find some place got more people want. ==''
I promise I will not bring my gf to such place lol. SCARRY! =)

After the movie, went back. Daniel fetch me home. =)
and I really want to watch Punisher. I will go for it next week.

P/S: Domnodragon aka Jason reminded me that, I didn't manage to watch Punisher because it's too early. =D

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