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Saturday, February 28, 2009

finally but another 1 coming. =)

well wake up around 6.30am and start study around 7.30am.
study till around 11, mum asked me to go out and eat Pan Mee but I refuse to cause it's a waste of time waiting there for around 30mins to get the Pan Mee, so I decided to ask my mum to dapao!

around 12 eat and get ready to go Sunway UC.

argh! reach there around 1.30pm no more time to study, never mind.

so enter the class and finished around 3.30pm, I am not really confident cause there are around 10 questions I were like 50:50 don't know what to choose, end up choosing a wrong answer lol.

So finally~~~*dum Dum Dum*

I get 70! for my MOCK exam LOL! Passed =)
so Miss Geetha said that there will be another Mock exam next week.

alright then. went to Sunway, watch movie and eat. =)

the end~
oh shit! T5 hw again! and no more IDOU T.T

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