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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Finish my examS!

wuhooo! Finish my T1 (Progress Test 2), T5(Progress Test 1).

There are still, T1- Mock Exam, Final Exam
T2- Progress Test 2, Mock Exam, Final Exam
T5- Progress Test 2, Mock Exam, Final Exam

every week also Exam already! SCARRY! =.=

Can Sunway TES please give us some release stress activities, like throw plates in a room! =)

oh yea, regarding my driving.
Still need to train under parents, they are not confident with me lol. I am learning Reverse parking and side parking, I admit I am still not so good with it yet. And someone need to sit next to me for 1month? ==''
I assume that March I can drive myself! =)

Tomorrow i'm going to work! AH SIEN! Valentines people go celebrate I work. wat the! ><''

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