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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valantinesss Day!


a special moment for everyone. I hope all the couples in this earth, love their partner forever!
and also wish my single friends, you will slowly get your Love one. ^^

Imagine, my friend going dinner with their girlfriend-boyfriend. Giving each other flower, spend time with each other. WOW! so NICE! How about me? WORK!

yeah WORK! tomorrow NIGHT I am going to see all the sweet couple sit on the chair, looking each other deeply, chit-chatting. eat and Ciaoz.

how are you going to celebrate? my friend ask me. I know I cant celebrate with you, it's ok! everything is alright. I know this is our first Valentine's! I even bought you a present, 2weeks before this MEMORABLE DAY! I never regret of choosing you, although we don't have enough time for each other, I understand your situation. I hope you understand me too.

In this very special day, I want to tell you. I LOVE YOU =)
can't celebrate with you during Valentines day? NEVER MIND.
As long as you are with me, I can celebrate everyday as a Valentines day for you.

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