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Sunday, March 29, 2009

ah! finally she's next to me.


great day! =)

wake up early in the morning 6am to bath and get ready myself.
around 7am went out to fetch dear. Thinking that there will be no jam today because no school right? So went to school through sunway.
Really no jam. ^^

around 7.15am reached school lol. Saw dear sitting outside the 7-11. haha she didn't realize I arrived lol. So she went into the car, first thing is to look at our botak zai.

lol later she is asking for the present. I told her later lor. Drive her too SS2, to check out what to eat, most of the shop still not opened yet. we stop and think about what to eat. we exchange present first ^^ and finally she decided to eat dimSum.

After dimsum drive her to 1utama, look around and then to Bangsar and to TienHou temple lol.
took photos at there and finally we went to mv. =) picture will get from babe soon.

dear babe bought a flipflop and I bought a long sleeve shirt.

watched a movie, Hotel For Dogs lol. Girls love cute dogs =P
it's kinda creative to see how to keep stray dogs, story line is still quite normal. for those who like dogs, it's a nice movie. ^^

later on went to eat at Madam Kwan. =)
around 4pm fetch dear back to school to join LM gathering.
wait before that I cant believe I met ERIC LOL! the guy who same class with me.

lol later on I wait outside DK for wei jie and others to come back from MV after their movie.

and finally they are back, we played Mafia. and chitchat with the ex Ex committee too.

around 8pm went to Kanna to eat some stuff. actually we wanted to go sunway or mv to celebrate earth hour but end up all of us get too tired and we decided to went home.

tepi Tepi Tepi. baboon datang.

Sorry all for my late update. Spend my time to get ready for my T3 (Progress Test 1) and T4 (Progress Test 2).

wuhooo! went to Sunway Piramid to meet up my beloved LM Committee. =)
went to the Japanese Restaurant. ah! shit i don't know what is that call. But it's above Kim Gary.
went to watch The International together lol. The girls said that the movie quite sux but for WeiJie and I it is nice lar. =)
damn it! I wanna buy the Quiksilver flipflop, having a taught that there will be 20% discount for student. but end up the 20% discount had finished. so didn't bought it.

finished my CSB exam. =) CSB stands for Communication Skills in Business.

T4 (progress test 1) and T5 (progress test 2) are DONE. =)
aH! T4 is so damn freaking hard. hopefully I wont fail.
T5 I don't think i will fail. still affordable to pass.
Believe it anot, we study from 8.30am to 7.30pm lol. Having fun during MrBill computer class too, playing online mahjong and etc.
But it was so damn tired.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

100 truths.

100 Truths

Tagged by Shiling, Tsae Shiang

001. Real name → TAN BOON WEI

002. Nickname(s)→ Baboon (in case if you don't know )

003. Zodiac sign → Libra (remember of Barisan Nasional?)

005. Male or female → Male

006. Elementary → erm.......

007. Middle School → SJK(C) Sungai Way (near sungai)

008. High School → Catholic High School

009. College School --> SUNWAY university college

010. Hair color → can consider as brown

011. Long or short → middle LONG

012. Loud or Quiet → Loud

013. Sweats or Jeans → I keep sweats in my jean's pocket

014. Phone or Camera → Phone =P sms who?

015. Health freak → I drink 1L of LIGHT coke per week.

016. Drink or Smoke? → Drink la! Smoke = waste money + kill yourself. and if you think smoking is YENG, open your lungs and show how "yeng" you are with that BLACK lungs.

017. Do you have a crush on someone? → Crush? I am in a relationship man.

055. Waiting for → ACCA + my babe

058. Want kids?→ 3 is more than enough (2boys + lgal)

059. Want to get married? → I will get married first before I get 3kids =D

060. Careers in mind → Financial Controller, CEO, Auditor? (still have to think clearly about it)

068. Lips or eyes → Lips and eyes.=D

070. Shorter or taller? → NOT taller than me.

072. Romantic or spontaneous → yeah I believe gal wan a romantic guy. for me. a caring girl is more than enough.

073. Nice stomach or nice arms → nice arms so that I can hold you tight.

074. Sensitive or loud→ Loud as in what? Speaking? refuse to choose either 1.

075. Hook-up or relationship → relationship

076. Trouble maker or hesitant → duwan -.-''

080. Lost glasses/contacts → contact lens but I found it up right and it almost enter my eyeball

081. Ran away from home → ah no way ^^

082. Held a gun/knife for self defense → hockey stick in the car

083. Killed somebody → eeeeeW no way! I will Protect somebody only.

084. Broken someone's heart → erm no way lar, is like killing a human lar! =)

085. Been arrested → NO WAY! =) im a good guy. believe me

089. Yourself → YA! When I am determine to do something. I believe myself.

090. Miracles → sometimes when I hope for something, the miracles happen. NOthing is impossible

091. Love at first sight → first sight? impossible for me.

092. Heaven → yup

093. Santa Claus → nop

094 Tooth Fairy→ nop

095. Kiss on the first date→ no ^^

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now →
ya I wish to be with her right now till as long as possible, how nice if we can fly to 10 years later 2019.

098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life →
don't think so much in the negative side, I know sometimes I am not happy with it. But I am still gonna live in this EARTH until I die. So I end up choosing forgetting all the SAD stuff.

099. Do you believe in God → yup

100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people.
haha. I am afraid that they will kill me.
So I stop tag-ing others. =)
say thank you to me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

T2 done. =)

T2 exam, finally I had passed with 88% having the same mark with Boon Siew =D
come on, this exam divided into 2 parts. my friend-Jason Thuang finished in 30minutes?! and sms me around 10am telling me that he get 82%, I damn shocked and I quickly call him.

He told me that it is very easy =) and some the questions we had did in the MCQ paper.
well, I am quite confident after listen to that.

Continue study and cook maggi mee to eat lol. No breakfast no lunch and maggi mee is my lunch.
So went to Sunway Uni College, since it is open day but it looks like not much people went maybe tomorrow will be more visitor?

Entered the Computer Lab Room and start to do my exams. Sohan sit next to me.
Tick Tock Tick Tock~~~~~~~~~~~~
After 45minutes, 1st guy went off lol. Jack! from other group should be group3
Passed with 68%.
alright around 1 hour and 15 minutes passed, I quit the exam.
88% POP OUT! I am glad to see that xp. which means I get 6 questions wrong.

wuhooo! later went to the class and took my exemption letter.
around 2.50pm went to Sunway Piramid, the place we always hang out, reason? Nearest! x)

I booked Marley&Me, 4.10pm. SO we watched that movie.
at first, I tought it is a romantic movie, but it is NOT! They focus more on the dog lol. =)
overall nice movie, at least my tears almost drop down =P but in the end didn't haha.

After movie, acompany Jason till 7.45pm since he is alone. We went to A&W and you should belanja me that Float Root Beer. =)
and the end of the day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

SPM missing COMPLETE =)


wake up around 9am cause too gan jiong lol.
drive out went to find side parking and learn, yea! no problem parking side parking. =)

and learn reverse parking to enter my house gate.

hrm..later reached home, get ready myself to go CHS.
mum fetched me, and reached there.
saw James,Leeyoung and Iiko inside Kanna.

then went to meet MunHon+WeiJi. LOL! I won't forget ystd Astin said 10.30AM SHARP! ^^

entered school, wear hat so that pn.LYK and pn.JOYCE won't shout at us =D
kinda tense lar, need to wait until around 1pm only can take others all take already.

wow! everyone scream including me when all the Guru Tingkatan enter the main hall.
so time for pn.LeeKimLai to talk about school results, Heard that overall there is improvement and our BC improved alot. ^^ and she said that Physcis,Bio and Chemistry 100% passing.
my fren told us that we can pass all the science subject already lol.

so 1 by 1, and finally my turn. so I don't dare to look at my paper at first LOL! =) then she WAH! BOON WEI. lol I know what she meant, she meant that I changed alot as in my LOOK!

and then I looked at pn.Yap, then she was like :"Boooon Weiiiiiiiii..." then I said:"yeaaaa! how was it" then she said :"U get straight A's" lol wuhooo im happy, I asked her what I get for my bc she said A2. im happy, I know she is happy too. =)

argh! after looking at my results I get a2 for P.moral, EST, BC and Bio. PMORAL wth?! ==''
nevermind nevermind at least I get 12A's lol nice to hear but if include the GCE English, shud be 8A1,4A2,1B3 lol. =)

first called my mum, lol she too excited until scream for while I heard, when she knows I get all A haha, 2nd sms babe, 3rd sms accounts teacher. ^^

anyway to my frens, if your results are not that good it's ok lar, continue work hard and aim for your next target, what you want next? relax and chill. ^^ THIS ALL SHALL PASS.
look forward in your life, there is something new and you still need to survive in this world.

oh yea since my SPM mission acomplished, next step-mission is to get
my CAT and ACCA. ^^

gogogo! ^^

btw, still need to say thanks to all my CHS teachers, should I list out 1 by 1? LOL!
BC-pn.Yap , Eng- pn.Vivian, BM-mr.Rizal, Maths/A.Maths- missOng,
, EST-mr.Micheal, Sej-mr.Hardev, Physics-pn.Sim,
Biology-missNorAshikin, Chemistry, pn.Too

this are all my form5 teachers and not forget my form 4 teachers. =)

and my tuition teachers lol.
Phy+Bio+Chem+A.maths: John Quek(Etika Jaya),
I wonder if I miss out any1? =D

especially, sej-mr. Daiva, BM-cikgu Rosli, BI and maths =D

and my parents who are giving me so much support. I will continue work hard for you all and also for myself.

really thanks for all of your guidance, without you all I won't get my results.

To my LM junior, work hard you all can do it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spm results TMR!!!!!!

argh! GOD damn SPM! finally we can get the results tomorrow.
Nervous? LOL! abit only lar cause already study Accounting in Sunway uni college xp!

I just hope that I can get as much A as possible, each A I get cost a lot of money LOL x)
ah! tomorrow nobody accompany me hangkai T.T
will go find someone.

hopefully tonight everyone can sleep well c you all tomorrow.

owh sHit! i needa bring my cap =)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

argh! =)

aiyoo! actually should have hangkai today but too bad lar, cousin next week got exam, so I decided to be a good tuition teacher, provide tuition for him =P not for free! =)

hRm..! well. Luckily my mock i get 64 marks! ngam ngam pass. C told you all! my 6th sense is right, knew it!
PT1 - Highest (1)
PT2 - (2)
PreMock- (3)
Mock - Lowest (4) wtf! =.=


Friday, March 6, 2009

T1, T2 mock done.

argh! finally T1 and T2 Mock DONE.
ahhhhH! save me I'm not really confident with my T2 Mock. pleaseeee let me Pass. T.T
I can't even calculate few questions and I found out that is actually I forget the word TOTAL, TOTAL labour cost, TOTAL overhead. wtf. T.T

argh! nevermind. I will work harder lol.
why I so guai come back after studies today? haha. actually I need to teach my cousin, next week He will be having his exam, so I need to provide some tuition for him. xp!

and tomorrow too. the class is actually from 8.30am to 12.30pm. If I am not going to teach my cousin, I will go and watch movie! T.T

alright. SPM results CONFIRM! 12 MARCH. around 10am
stupid lar having Malaysian Studies on that day so I am going to ponteng!
Believe it anot next Saturday is my T2 Final exams! PLeaseee computer please database gimme a set of easy questions. =)
miss Margaret told us that that day Sunway having open day. wat the heck? I hope no disturbance.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

outing =)

actually today we have a class from 11.30am to 1.30 and
from 4.30 to 7.30 computer class t5-Mr.Bill, unfortunately his car broke down. So he decided to cancel the computer class. Holycow! attend class for 2 hours only?
so we decided to go sunway but before that accompany Jason, WeeLiang and Katharine to dance.

Wee Liang and Zu Ping went to bath, and the WeeLiang is so damn slow, we shake Kat's car lol.

oh yea! Brian, Daniel, Ling, Beh and etc went to watch movie 3pm to 5.45pm omg! so long it's the Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
*Hopefully I spell it correctly*

then we went Sakae Sushi, didn't really eat much then went to Popular bought some stuff.

After my cousin finished his show, we went back! Oh yea, forget to mention that I bought the Jay DVD ALBUM! ahhhhh! Finally. I know all the MV you can get it and watched it from youtube, but it's just my collection. =)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mahjong day again! LOL!

haha! well wake up this morning.
and went to a place near Taman Seputeh to eat Fish Head noodle.

not sure with the price but 3big+1small bowl of noodle= RM28 around that lar.

really nice weiiiiiiiiiiH! got 6-8 fried fish in a big bowl

after that went to Mum's sister house. my aunt lor =D
play mahjong for around 2-3hours weih. my dad also say we SOT liao haha.
I were quite addicted =D
but the problem is that we didn't play "FAN" means how much we need to Multiply.

then went to Station 1 cafe and eat. not really nice lar the foood and raining heavily so end up 7pm reached home.


another week again, damn! 1 more week and my cousin's exam. and guess what. SPM results is coming! hopefully can get good results obtain cash from parents hahahahahahhaha~!


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