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Sunday, March 29, 2009

ah! finally she's next to me.


great day! =)

wake up early in the morning 6am to bath and get ready myself.
around 7am went out to fetch dear. Thinking that there will be no jam today because no school right? So went to school through sunway.
Really no jam. ^^

around 7.15am reached school lol. Saw dear sitting outside the 7-11. haha she didn't realize I arrived lol. So she went into the car, first thing is to look at our botak zai.

lol later she is asking for the present. I told her later lor. Drive her too SS2, to check out what to eat, most of the shop still not opened yet. we stop and think about what to eat. we exchange present first ^^ and finally she decided to eat dimSum.

After dimsum drive her to 1utama, look around and then to Bangsar and to TienHou temple lol.
took photos at there and finally we went to mv. =) picture will get from babe soon.

dear babe bought a flipflop and I bought a long sleeve shirt.

watched a movie, Hotel For Dogs lol. Girls love cute dogs =P
it's kinda creative to see how to keep stray dogs, story line is still quite normal. for those who like dogs, it's a nice movie. ^^

later on went to eat at Madam Kwan. =)
around 4pm fetch dear back to school to join LM gathering.
wait before that I cant believe I met ERIC LOL! the guy who same class with me.

lol later on I wait outside DK for wei jie and others to come back from MV after their movie.

and finally they are back, we played Mafia. and chitchat with the ex Ex committee too.

around 8pm went to Kanna to eat some stuff. actually we wanted to go sunway or mv to celebrate earth hour but end up all of us get too tired and we decided to went home.

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