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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mahjong day again! LOL!

haha! well wake up this morning.
and went to a place near Taman Seputeh to eat Fish Head noodle.

not sure with the price but 3big+1small bowl of noodle= RM28 around that lar.

really nice weiiiiiiiiiiH! got 6-8 fried fish in a big bowl

after that went to Mum's sister house. my aunt lor =D
play mahjong for around 2-3hours weih. my dad also say we SOT liao haha.
I were quite addicted =D
but the problem is that we didn't play "FAN" means how much we need to Multiply.

then went to Station 1 cafe and eat. not really nice lar the foood and raining heavily so end up 7pm reached home.


another week again, damn! 1 more week and my cousin's exam. and guess what. SPM results is coming! hopefully can get good results obtain cash from parents hahahahahahhaha~!

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