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Thursday, March 12, 2009

SPM missing COMPLETE =)


wake up around 9am cause too gan jiong lol.
drive out went to find side parking and learn, yea! no problem parking side parking. =)

and learn reverse parking to enter my house gate.

hrm..later reached home, get ready myself to go CHS.
mum fetched me, and reached there.
saw James,Leeyoung and Iiko inside Kanna.

then went to meet MunHon+WeiJi. LOL! I won't forget ystd Astin said 10.30AM SHARP! ^^

entered school, wear hat so that pn.LYK and pn.JOYCE won't shout at us =D
kinda tense lar, need to wait until around 1pm only can take others all take already.

wow! everyone scream including me when all the Guru Tingkatan enter the main hall.
so time for pn.LeeKimLai to talk about school results, Heard that overall there is improvement and our BC improved alot. ^^ and she said that Physcis,Bio and Chemistry 100% passing.
my fren told us that we can pass all the science subject already lol.

so 1 by 1, and finally my turn. so I don't dare to look at my paper at first LOL! =) then she WAH! BOON WEI. lol I know what she meant, she meant that I changed alot as in my LOOK!

and then I looked at pn.Yap, then she was like :"Boooon Weiiiiiiiii..." then I said:"yeaaaa! how was it" then she said :"U get straight A's" lol wuhooo im happy, I asked her what I get for my bc she said A2. im happy, I know she is happy too. =)

argh! after looking at my results I get a2 for P.moral, EST, BC and Bio. PMORAL wth?! ==''
nevermind nevermind at least I get 12A's lol nice to hear but if include the GCE English, shud be 8A1,4A2,1B3 lol. =)

first called my mum, lol she too excited until scream for while I heard, when she knows I get all A haha, 2nd sms babe, 3rd sms accounts teacher. ^^

anyway to my frens, if your results are not that good it's ok lar, continue work hard and aim for your next target, what you want next? relax and chill. ^^ THIS ALL SHALL PASS.
look forward in your life, there is something new and you still need to survive in this world.

oh yea since my SPM mission acomplished, next step-mission is to get
my CAT and ACCA. ^^

gogogo! ^^

btw, still need to say thanks to all my CHS teachers, should I list out 1 by 1? LOL!
BC-pn.Yap , Eng- pn.Vivian, BM-mr.Rizal, Maths/A.Maths- missOng,
, EST-mr.Micheal, Sej-mr.Hardev, Physics-pn.Sim,
Biology-missNorAshikin, Chemistry, pn.Too

this are all my form5 teachers and not forget my form 4 teachers. =)

and my tuition teachers lol.
Phy+Bio+Chem+A.maths: John Quek(Etika Jaya),
I wonder if I miss out any1? =D

especially, sej-mr. Daiva, BM-cikgu Rosli, BI and maths =D

and my parents who are giving me so much support. I will continue work hard for you all and also for myself.

really thanks for all of your guidance, without you all I won't get my results.

To my LM junior, work hard you all can do it.

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