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Friday, March 6, 2009

T1, T2 mock done.

argh! finally T1 and T2 Mock DONE.
ahhhhH! save me I'm not really confident with my T2 Mock. pleaseeee let me Pass. T.T
I can't even calculate few questions and I found out that is actually I forget the word TOTAL, TOTAL labour cost, TOTAL overhead. wtf. T.T

argh! nevermind. I will work harder lol.
why I so guai come back after studies today? haha. actually I need to teach my cousin, next week He will be having his exam, so I need to provide some tuition for him. xp!

and tomorrow too. the class is actually from 8.30am to 12.30pm. If I am not going to teach my cousin, I will go and watch movie! T.T

alright. SPM results CONFIRM! 12 MARCH. around 10am
stupid lar having Malaysian Studies on that day so I am going to ponteng!
Believe it anot next Saturday is my T2 Final exams! PLeaseee computer please database gimme a set of easy questions. =)
miss Margaret told us that that day Sunway having open day. wat the heck? I hope no disturbance.

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