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Saturday, March 14, 2009

T2 done. =)

T2 exam, finally I had passed with 88% having the same mark with Boon Siew =D
come on, this exam divided into 2 parts. my friend-Jason Thuang finished in 30minutes?! and sms me around 10am telling me that he get 82%, I damn shocked and I quickly call him.

He told me that it is very easy =) and some the questions we had did in the MCQ paper.
well, I am quite confident after listen to that.

Continue study and cook maggi mee to eat lol. No breakfast no lunch and maggi mee is my lunch.
So went to Sunway Uni College, since it is open day but it looks like not much people went maybe tomorrow will be more visitor?

Entered the Computer Lab Room and start to do my exams. Sohan sit next to me.
Tick Tock Tick Tock~~~~~~~~~~~~
After 45minutes, 1st guy went off lol. Jack! from other group should be group3
Passed with 68%.
alright around 1 hour and 15 minutes passed, I quit the exam.
88% POP OUT! I am glad to see that xp. which means I get 6 questions wrong.

wuhooo! later went to the class and took my exemption letter.
around 2.50pm went to Sunway Piramid, the place we always hang out, reason? Nearest! x)

I booked Marley&Me, 4.10pm. SO we watched that movie.
at first, I tought it is a romantic movie, but it is NOT! They focus more on the dog lol. =)
overall nice movie, at least my tears almost drop down =P but in the end didn't haha.

After movie, acompany Jason till 7.45pm since he is alone. We went to A&W and you should belanja me that Float Root Beer. =)
and the end of the day.

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