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Friday, April 24, 2009

bad luck? it's my skill problem ==''

today finished T5 mock exam.
Daniel, Michelle, and Sohan left US (Me,Jason,Katharine,WeeLiang, Beh, Leng)

then Beh and Leng doesn't wan to follow us to Sunway. and I just want to eat something in Sunway Piramid. So Katharine,Jason and I meet at Sunway eat at Dragon-I.

kinda expensive but still affordable since Jason so rich right? =)
eventually paid around RM30 for that meal.

we went to Anatomi to look out, and Jason attracted to some Fashion clothes, not really LALA type. Actually Anatomi is not a Lala shop lar, some clothes still can wear want. =)
Jason bought the Fedora hat for RM30 for some purpose. =D
you should ask him.

after that went to Padini, look out some shirt too.
And I speed to CHS school, since Shuxuan, Jee Seng, KaiLin and etc reached there.
Go through NPE and my speed reached to 140km/h then I slow down. =)

reached school and went to Ulang, saw my babe like so busy preparing food and I didn't really eat just some drinks.

then they started to play games in Dewan Kuliah. around 3.45pm we went to Midvalley.
4 girls and 1 WeiJie sit in my car, luckily still can move but no power lar wei.

Having a big HOPE that The Uninvited will be very scarry, but end up SIGH!
Actually I had expected that after reading the review from the newspaper. Korea-Japan-Thailand ghost movie is still the best. =)

later went home. fetched Jia yi back and SCRATCH a car damn fuck it ==''
eventually I drive away. stop at the bus stop. The moment when I am going to check the car, I can't breath until when I saw my bumper didn't DENT, few scratches. ==''
so I assume that stupid BLACK COLOUR TOYOTA CAMRY didn't dent too.
Camry will be harder right? =.=

screw it, I were like so damn F*** up passing through NPE with 140km.h NAH! maximum 90km.h only. Having some fear already. Reached home told my dad lol he a little bit dulan.
I asked my maid quickly polish the scratches, so that when my mum see it she won't be as dulan as my dad haha. but damn it lar, the bumper abit not in the proper like moving out too much hard to describe will post the picture up.

So who should I blaim? and of course myself. =='' skills problem. reverse that time didn't really take more attention looking at the left mirror.
and the area is dark+ the car black colour wtf!!

it's ok. Jia yi it's not your fault also lar. my fault. I am sure after this incident your parents wont let you sit my car hahahahaha. Anyway it's good for giving me an experience, I will be more aware of that.

and tomorrow I am going to Sungai Buloh. Drive safely -.-

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