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Friday, April 3, 2009

damn Fast damn Furious 5?

Just watched Confessions of a Shopaholic
during 31st of March.
pretty much of laughing. =) enjoy it. I will give a rate of 7/10 for overall.
and guess what today I just watched Fast & Furious 4
owh damn! who reminded me of this movie, MUNN SING! =)
damn you lol. He is so damn smart asking me to watch this movie, and I totally forget that F&F is showing today!
and I get so excited and decided to watched this movie after T5 class which last till 6pm.
We decided to watch the 7.10pm.
I asked Stephen to help me buy the ticket, but in the end he did not answer my phone and CRAP!
I wasted so much on the phone! and I run to the Cybercafe just to look for you!
damn! at least give me a call and tell me that you cannot get the tickets.
I will not ask you to help me buy tickets anymore, the TRUST is not there. =.=''

Luckily 7 of my friends did not dulan or what @@ DAMNNNNNNN!
you owe me a movie ticket! don't let me find you. and my handphone credit straight decrease from rm15-Rm20 (I am not sure) till Rm12 now.

alright alright, I am ok right now, Stephen Goh relax down I won't kill you or eat you, I just need your apologize.

continue back to the story, for the starting part is the same like the preview. =)
don't really want to talk much about the storyline, I can describe it in 1 word- COOL!

ah! the spoiling sentences here. =)
*Highlight it if you want to read*
OMG! F&F 5 with Vin diesel again? xp! I love his botak hair style lol. In the end I knew they will be something happen, its true. Vin Diesel will not enter the jail. I can almost confirm that 90% there will be F&F 5. I am kinda curious what will be the next storyline be. VinDiesel's girlfriend dead. so next? her sister? =P
alright. end of the day. and thanks Daniel for fetching me back. ^^
i enjoy your Persona xp! Vroooooooooooooooooooom! goodnight.

tomorrow's target :- study and start doing the MS!

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