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Friday, May 1, 2009

damn! I must post about this =P

it's 1.30am

and I am still online and jump blogging =P
found out that TAN JEE SENG can drive already!! So next week please drive haha.
and I am happy to see that you all are coupled back. Stay long yea..^^

anyway today damn funny!
I know my dear babe is quite tired, so I asked her to take a nap at 9pm.
and I will wake her up at 10pm.

1 hour past...
I called her 3 times,
and finally she sms me lol.
replied me and I can feel that she is so damn sleepy lar lol.

really! DIDN't reply me already until now haha!
babe i know you are tired, so please rest more! and drink more water lar, I am not next to you ler!

anyway tomorrow you will wake up very early haha.
and for your eye bags? I don't mind! =P

oh yea and your meow -cat past away, it's alright make it as a good memories, I don't even have a cat who can stick with me, play with me.
when you found out that I post this, don't be angry LOL! =)

and to everyone Happy Labour Day! ^^

and gooDnight!

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