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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday 13th =)

I am so freaking boring today, wake up and eat porridge.

therefore, my great mum asked my cousin and I to watch movie.
So I online and check for the movie list, come on..there is no excited movie for me, ah!

end up choosing a scary movie? Friday The 13th

come on! not really scary enough, it's too normal for me! I need a scarrrrrrry movie! xp.
damn! remind me of Munn Sing shacking the whole cinema seat. U ROCKS! =)
*no offence yea*
kk I rate this movie, 4.5/10 lol. Is just my personal rating.

and I am addicted to movie, telling myself to AT LEAST watch 4 movies in 1 month.

so what's the next movie? Next week should watch..He's just not that into you and also Xmen!!
excited want should be Xmen!

well tomorrow, mahjong day again? Wish me luck to win money =P

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