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Saturday, April 4, 2009

god shit! I LOST!

3-4 (Saturday)
wake up super early this morning 4am. went back to Muar. need to do what? Sweep grave? lol.
so eventually this year all of us just sweep MY Grandpa's grave, but not My Grandpa's dad grave, cause actually we decided to sweep it during last week but that day was not a really good day so my grandma did not allow us to go so the other relatives had already swep it.

still remember the moments with my grandpa, driving Proton Wira. ah..lovely =)
hopefully he will bless all of us.

later went with my dad's smallest brother, my uncle to eat mee rebus lol.
I just can't believe my cousin's have phobia with cats, they started to feel so scare when the cats are near them. =)

oh yea, and uncle decided to bring my cousin-WenYung and I for holiday hopefully he will not break his promise. ^^

4-4 ( Sunday)
god damn shit! Guess what I LOST?!

my wallet?

my handphone?

my mp3?

my computer?

my everything?

and that is I lost RM10++ "LOL"
due to this

ah! it's ok! but it's really cool that my cousin keep winning with big "FAN".
even we are playing 1 FAN = RM0.50, I know it's a small amount =D
but can you imagine the feeling of my cousin win RM 30 LOL! is like the first time for me.
I'm just a newbie. ^^

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