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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my precious 3 HOURS =)

it's 1st of April! and god damn it! JPA is going to interview me on 1st of April!
are you kidding me? not April fool lar.

actually don't really know the procedures until Wee Liang explained to me yesterday.

wake up pack all the stuff I need to change later, arrived at Sunway UC, waited Wee Liang outside SunU residence so that he can take my stuff and put it in his room.

it's all T5 again. the lively CAT PAPER T5.

around 11am, finished T5 and went to cafeteria to had brunch.
later on went to Wee Liang's room to changed. First of all, my holy shit brownish hair.
Look at ME, do you think I am a guy who want to study? I don't think so.
So end up combing a "CURRYPUFF" hair style

lol can't really find that hairstyle but it's just almost like this.

everything is done, mum reached around 12.30pm. and we went to Putrajaya International Convention centre.
reached there sign the paper, and waited till 2pm.
enter to the small hall, stupid lar i am the last one, waited until 5 smtg.
so 3 HOURS gone.
and Wee Liang is the first batch, finished it so fast. I am glad that he is willing to wait for me.
Of course lar, he don't have transport xp.

*** finished that interview just rushed back.
send Wee Liang to Sunway.
and I went back home.
oh yea not to forget mention my class mate.


I know I can't acompany you to celebrate your birthday due to the JPA interview,
but you know I am going to wish your dreams come true =P
I know how u had been through to become 18. Continue and work hard. ^^
*hope you see this*

damn it! I wan KIM GARY, I want to skate lol.
I dun care, next time you all must teach me how to skate! =)

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