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Sunday, April 26, 2009

punchoi nice right? =)

25-4-09 (SATURDAY)

this morning stay in the house act "guai" so that later can go eat punchoi.
around 5pm went to Debbie house to get my CK One perfume =)
thank you Debbie's mum and Debbie.

and went to Shu Ying's house to fetch her. Continue to Sunway, waited Xian Tze at the Caltex.
continue drive to 1utama. met Jason Chong there, he reached there earliest.
and I'm the 2nd one. =)
6.30pm already ZY and Liki still not yet reach. Mun hon say cause of Kock Hwua. nevermind lar I don't mind waiting you all, as long as you all reach here =D

4 car drive to Sungai Buloh, 1.ZY 2.Liki 3.ME 4. Jason. luckily Mun Hon got Touch n Go, he lend me, thanks.

oh yea actually Choon Lim and Jun Mun already inside the restaurant.
reached there and find a parking and we enjoyed our food. Chit-chat around and we are the last one who came out from the restaurant.
we took photos, here is it. =)

1. eh how come 2 guys missing? =) they are taking photos.

2. we love S5, show your 5!

we decided to go Yamcha at ss2 -Murni. While driving and turning into the wrong road. Jason went the other road, so we continue back to ss2.
Chit-chat again in Murni, I love their Ribena lol. will go try next time.

around 11smtg only reached home. =)

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