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Monday, April 27, 2009

study plan+ study mood TUNED

Guess what? mr.Baboon had get ready with all his study plan for the next 1 month
so that he is able to pass CAT T3,T4,T5 with flying colours =D

start doing
#1. T3 EDC/EFC Pack
#2. T4 Demo Set A, B, C
#3. T5 Kaplan

it's only 3 but that is ALOT! any idea we still have any homework?
I have a message to my classmates, please STUDY NoW!
lets work hard!

look for your aims and goals, that is the path you should follow with.
The Secret video really impress me a lot, and motivates me a lot too.
and what should I do after that?
is to control my taught! and learn the Law of Attraction.

still don't understand? try to get the video and watch it.

so conclusion, study mood TUNED by UltraBaboon for turbo racing =D

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