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Thursday, May 28, 2009

10th month =)

and searching..
from the top to the bottom
the spark of love
that will make our love last forever.
and yeah! I found it.
wait for me.

Happy 10th month Anni.

love ya!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Shuxuan!

Happy Birthday Shuxuan !

hope you have a wonderful day and
Dreams come true.
btw Frens 4ever lar.
you won't forget the 15 LM right? =D

Enjoy! you are legal 18 now. xD

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Surprise for Elizabeth

Our pro organizer Wong Chun Wai.
Suddenly invite us for Eli birthday surprise.

Well at first we gather at Sri Petaling hotel! Yi Rui called me and said saw MunHon and I we met up and went to Secret Recipe

We regroup everyone there, and bought Oreo Cheese! since Eli love Oreo so all of us agree with ShuYing who came out with this idea of buying Oreo Cheese.

We continue down to Eli's house, guess what! Nobody know how to go her house lol? Waiting here and there and finally Chun Wai lead with his dad brand new Toyota Camry but just 2.0 LOL!
Guess what, his driving skills CHUN! =D

We reached playground! So Chun Wai told us to cover ourself and he will go fetch Eli, after fetching her Chun Wai and ShuYing acompany Eli to playground. Then all of us stop on the opposite =D

Zhen Yoong, Mun Hon and I quickly fire up the candle lol.
too bad the wind is too strong, but at last we still did it.

Look at Yi Rui and Eng Yuan! *Hide Hide Hide* I screamed =D

Enemy coming close.
*look at the beautiful wide smile*

She was damn shocked! ^^
wuhoooO! Successfull!
*Quickly blow the candle* all of us are shouting lol. Cause the candle is melting.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ELI!She was damn shocked! ^^
wuhoooO! Successfull!
*Quickly blow the candle* all of us are shouting lol. Cause the candle is melting.

And we find a place to sit near the playground lol.
Yummmmmmmy! Oreo Cheese!

Actually supposed to rush home but Dad is so nice and he let me eat dinner with my friends! =D
Guess what! 8ppl in Chun Wai's Dad Camry lol.

sibeh! PRO! can't even see my face lol.

Dinner time, waited for that Bak Kut Teh for quite long!
went back reached home around 9 smtg.
End of the day! =D

Sorry lar all lol. I didn't style my hair =D

damn it! I will plan a S5 gathering to Klang to eat Bak Kut Teh! STAY TUNE GUYS!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

ahhH! hair cut!

went to 8days for hair cut.
my hairstylist -Stephen said that the usual hair cut he cut for me is still the best.
I really wanted to try the short hair cut but....he says that it will turn my face or my face will look bigger. T.T

so I end up just trim and layer here and there.
should have try new hair cut like Jason said!
well it's Ok. But I seriously love Danson Tang and Show Luo's hairstyle =D

oh yea not yet buy the OSIS + ROUGH UP!
sorry Jason..!

and my random friend went to house and ask me for swim.
Ok lar, really long time did not swim already, have a talk session
and then eat at Kayu. around 12am reach home. ^^

21st May -Night at the musuem 2

Michelle came out an idea, sms me and invite me to watch Night at the museum 2
good! So I asked Beh + Leng. They said ON!
not bad huh!? so finally Daniel came and fetch me and Jason in Sunway College.
Present on that day
Bryan,Daniel,Michelle, ME,Jason,Beh and Leng!
well..after watching movie feel a little boring and went to play bowling.
I don't have the picture of the score yet, but I Beat JASON!
suddenly Beh came back and told us that Leng left to fetch Ben lol.
Why you always fetch him ah!? *HOR* =D and I don't think is BEN only lor...^^

continue the story, went back and be a good boy. =D

Monday, May 18, 2009


This is the last class before the finals on the 3,4,5 of June.

After Miss Geetha finished her class, my friends and I decided to go 1utama.
Turn around and around in the car park to find car park. Luckily the law of attraction works.=D

Went there play bowling lol. Although I am the first one who get Spare. But I end up lost to
Hon Leong and Jason.
Jason I know you are very pro! ^^

Actually wanted to watch movie, but the place left is 2nd row from the screeen. ahh!
Never mind, we walked around with Daniel and Michelle.

Went to Nike Shop, to look for shoes. =)
damn it! I want the Nike Shox Experience, but the colour ewwwww!
and I search the net there is the colour I LIKE, but I think it's not selling in MALAYSIA.

I saw this in 1utama, so I ask the sales assistant she says there is only 1 colour for this.
I love red. =D

Some stupid photos in Toy R Us lol.
saw this stupid WIRELESS microphone. =D

stupid Jason say I gone "kuku" after losing the bowling match. I DID NOT!

Went back and eat at Time Square for our dinner.
The tom Yam really not bad, luckily we change the seats if not I will be super duper HOT!

bought KrispyKrem. =D This is the first time buying KrispyKrem xD
and later on went back home.

reached home around 10.30pm. ^^

Friday, May 15, 2009

Angels and Demons since when DEMONS?

I don't know I am stupid or what. where is Demons? LOL! =)
if anyone knows tell me please.

so guess what, thanks to great MY! =.=''
I am TRYING myself to participate in your class, answering your questions!
oh well, this is the class! YEAH I DID DO MY BEST!

go back and see what you told us today.
I give up to stand you anymore, you hurt my frens and almost my parents =D
no more comment. =)
anyway I will still thanks for teaching me T1 and T3, I will try my best to excel in it!
I will still respect you as my lecturer.

oh wait! before movie, we went to BBQ Plaza to eat our lunch with my college friends.
Bought wine and enjoy. ^^

Later on watch movie. =)
Angels and Demons

Storyline 8/10
Shocking 7/10
Action 7/10
Graphics 6.5/10
Overall 7.5/10

After watching movie, accompany Farhan to his car and say goodbye to him.
Wish you all the best in Kelantan.

Later on, went to Kim Gary to eat my dinner. Have a talking sessions with Wei Jie. =)
Around 9pm send him home, and I quickly rush home to jump into my bed!
oh wait! I had bathed =)

End of the day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


To my fellow course mates =)

you can start checking your Exam status now.

By just log in to MY ACCA <-- CLICK! Once you are entered, on your right side click
"Print a duplicate docket"

read the regulations, and check the VENUE
make sure you are taking your exams in MALAYSIA and not ENGLAND xp.
If you are lucky like me, you will take your exams in

Sunway University College


and also the paper you are taking, T3-T4 and T5.

If you have any problems contact Sunway Financial Courses Admin =)

Good luck to everyone in your exams, study hard! =)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

movie again and again. =)

Movie addiction again.

Since today mum need to work today so
Went to watch Sniper with cousin sis and cousin bro. =)

can't believe the small cinema is full =D
Love the tactic of shooting Sniper! Don't know is it Fake or Real want.
Overall I still enjoy it.
went around Nike, saw a new shoes wow RM599. I forget the model.
I really need shoes!
I think I will need a board to post up what I want =D

oh yea next movie- Angel and Demon , Terminator Salvation
most probably watching Angel and Demon on the coming Saturday with the gays =D

Mother's Day Eve + Wesak Day

So basically today is Mother's Day eve and also Wesak Day.

You know lar, Mother's day eve sure a lot people right? Went to restaurant be a good mama boy and help out around there.

oh yea,
Happy Mother's Day in advance
to all the Mum in this world!

Love you mummy.
Will not forget how much you had "invest" in me. without you I won't be here right now.

tired and I need to sleep now.

and oh yea I did not get the JPA scholarship. =)
so I will be continue study in Sunway Uni College lol.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

KaiLin, JeeSeng,Farhan and Fiona's farewell

Went off early from college today around 12.30pm.
stupid Jam at the round about, and I decided to depart Taman Jaya LRT station through Federal Highway and that's a goood choice.

when I almost reach Amcorp mall, mr.Lim wei jie called me and ask me to fetch the others.
and I stuck in the road to school for 30minutes DAMN! ==

fetched Fiona, Farhan, Yong Liang and Stephen to the Taman Jaya station.
lol paiseh lar my side parking skills suck, anyway thanks to Farhan and Fiona. =)

later on LRT came and we went up. =)
believe it anot? Shuxuan, KaiLin and JingMun is in the train also lol! And we arrived KLCC.
It's been 1 year or 2 years ago since I went to KLCC, looks still the same huh!?
Can you imagine what I think of when I pass by MNG? LOL! of course my babe lar ^^

we went Madam Kwan to regroup and celebrate there.
Thanks to WeiJie, we are able to sit the round table but guess what? Behind our table is all the workers who LOVE smoking WTF!? so smelly ok? damn you all.

So first of all, look at the name card.
So we were asking, is that Madam Kwan? and I pointed to an Old Lady.
And here you go, we took photo with her.

*look in the middle. white shirt. ^^
well she is nice. So now we know actually Mdm Kwan do exist!

About Madam Kwan, I remember there is a branch at Madam Kwan, during form1 or form2, my mum brought me there and eat, guess what I saw F4- ZaiZai at there lol. That time too small, don't know how to take signature lol.

Well continue with the farewell. We sit for more than 2 hours lol, so I assume that the worker at there also dulan already. =) based on their face expression, but who cares!? We are the customer.

Before we eat, WeiJie and I went to Secret Recipe and look for a cake. RM73.50 not bad.
so later on we eat and around 4-5pm finally, Jolene and Tsae Shiang reached KLCC. ^^

so WeiJie and I bought the cake, and we just celebrate there. =)

1. the cake
2. The 4 farewell frens [Farhan,JeeSeng,Fiona,KaiLin]

3. The boyS

4.The girls

5. Group photo [1st shot]

6. Group photo 2 [2nd shot]
p/s: see what Wei Jie and I pointing to Fiona =D

7. lovely 1

8. Random shot

After eating the cake. And it's time to pay the bill =D *kinda complicated*
but got future accountant here should be no problem XP!

oh yea forget to mention that, actually Jee Seng, Wei Jie and Fiona is so tired because they stay overnight in the school and help out ystd for the school sports day.
Jee Seng and Fiona even slept in the restaurant lol.

And then Jee Seng left and went back. ^^
Solo picture with you. =D

wont forget you the handsome guy and friendly guy ^^
and also remember to love your girlfriend alot!
When you have holidays and back to KL, contact me.
You are still the best runner =P

Kai Lin
Last photo before going =D
KaiLin, nice meeting you since form2 or form 3 right? =D
enjoy the LM moment with you.
Good luck in your studies, wish you all the best.

Next went outside the mall to took some photos. Here is it. It's kinda chilling outside.

9. Divide into 2 groups

10. OMG look at me what post is this? ==''

11. so dark how to see?!

12. Finally the group photo
*thanks to Tsae Shiang*




hey 1 more.

Please don't kill me.

The traders going to the Traders Hotel lol.

just joking lar.

Finally we can go back NOW!
While waiting for the others

Tired of waiting?! Have a break, have a KitKat ^^


this is what will happen to 3 of us

Credits to Shuxuan and TsaeShiang for all the photos!
In the LRT station.

Discuss with Ah Lao (Ah Mao-AH CAT), so we decided to go Sunway Piramid for a movie,
Star Trek time 8pm but we are afraid of traffic jam and etc.

So end up we decided to see who reach first and see how.
So Ah Lao fetch WeiJie to TTC tuition centre and fetch Kaa Seng to join us.

We reach SP first, so we bought the ticket and start watching the movie first.
Ah Lao, Yong Liang and Kaa Seng reached 30 minutes later, 8.30pm
but it's ok the movie will be around 1 and half hour left.

not bad lar the movie! But the story line burn my Brain calories lol. Need to think alot and ask my friend about Future and Past. So basically you need to analyse like me if you cannot really digest the storyline.

Fetched Stephen home and I am so afraid that I will be lost lol. and after that I reached a spot Seksyen 222 where I always eat Hokkien Mee =D

Reached home around 11.30pm

end of the day. =)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

random ZY!

Zhen Yoong become so random today end up come to my area and ask me where is my house? LOL!
end up fetching me go here and there, suggest him to go eat Rojak at SS15, but too many ppl Q up.
later fetched me home in less than 30 minutes time.

anyway guys/girls that's all for today.
nothing really wanna update for this few days.

Ren Hong is going to make a gathering for S5. ^^
I will help you if you need help.!

and for my babe, good luck in your Rumah Hijau and please take care yourself. =)

Happy Birthday Ren Hong


LOL! this is the picture I FOUND,you taking with me =)
anyway wish your dreams come true and good luck in your studies

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mahjong gamble ooo

wake up get ready myself and went to Parkson to pick up my mum, she washed her face =)

went to Aunt's house and yeah you all know..
it's MAHJONG GAMBLE again lol.

I know maybe some of you don't like but cause it's just among our family so we treat it as normal fun activities =)

guess what my cousin F3 won rm19.50! damnnnnn!
and again I lost rm3, is like no win no lose.
mum win Rm2.50

and my Aunt's, Aunt's son and daughter, AhAun and PuiNgo lost! lol I think they keep lose and the money pay to my cousin =)

anyway we eat our Dinner there, I love the chicken so much! SO NICE! =)
and cause it's just 7pm when we ate our dinner, so my dad decided to buy Char Siew Pao for our supper.

end of the day ^^
damn tomorrow start EDC/EFC already ahhhh! 1 more month and it's our final exam for T3,T4 and T5.

I shall WORK HARD!

Friday, May 1, 2009

damn! I must post about this =P

it's 1.30am

and I am still online and jump blogging =P
found out that TAN JEE SENG can drive already!! So next week please drive haha.
and I am happy to see that you all are coupled back. Stay long yea..^^

anyway today damn funny!
I know my dear babe is quite tired, so I asked her to take a nap at 9pm.
and I will wake her up at 10pm.

1 hour past...
I called her 3 times,
and finally she sms me lol.
replied me and I can feel that she is so damn sleepy lar lol.

really! DIDN't reply me already until now haha!
babe i know you are tired, so please rest more! and drink more water lar, I am not next to you ler!

anyway tomorrow you will wake up very early haha.
and for your eye bags? I don't mind! =P

oh yea and your meow -cat past away, it's alright make it as a good memories, I don't even have a cat who can stick with me, play with me.
when you found out that I post this, don't be angry LOL! =)

and to everyone Happy Labour Day! ^^

and gooDnight!

Happy Retirement Pn.Kok =)

Happy Retirement Pn.Kok

Credits: picture taken from

although you never teach me before, but everytime LM activities and Kokurikulum we will remember of you and look for you, asking for your permission. And now who should we ask? =P
And If I am not wrong, you have sickness so please take care yourself. We love you.

awww she is crying when I zoom in this picture.
enjoy your life and stay healthy. Wish you all the best.


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