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Saturday, May 23, 2009

ahhH! hair cut!

went to 8days for hair cut.
my hairstylist -Stephen said that the usual hair cut he cut for me is still the best.
I really wanted to try the short hair cut but....he says that it will turn my face or my face will look bigger. T.T

so I end up just trim and layer here and there.
should have try new hair cut like Jason said!
well it's Ok. But I seriously love Danson Tang and Show Luo's hairstyle =D

oh yea not yet buy the OSIS + ROUGH UP!
sorry Jason..!

and my random friend went to house and ask me for swim.
Ok lar, really long time did not swim already, have a talk session
and then eat at Kayu. around 12am reach home. ^^

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