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Friday, May 15, 2009

Angels and Demons since when DEMONS?

I don't know I am stupid or what. where is Demons? LOL! =)
if anyone knows tell me please.

so guess what, thanks to great MY! =.=''
I am TRYING myself to participate in your class, answering your questions!
oh well, this is the class! YEAH I DID DO MY BEST!

go back and see what you told us today.
I give up to stand you anymore, you hurt my frens and almost my parents =D
no more comment. =)
anyway I will still thanks for teaching me T1 and T3, I will try my best to excel in it!
I will still respect you as my lecturer.

oh wait! before movie, we went to BBQ Plaza to eat our lunch with my college friends.
Bought wine and enjoy. ^^

Later on watch movie. =)
Angels and Demons

Storyline 8/10
Shocking 7/10
Action 7/10
Graphics 6.5/10
Overall 7.5/10

After watching movie, accompany Farhan to his car and say goodbye to him.
Wish you all the best in Kelantan.

Later on, went to Kim Gary to eat my dinner. Have a talking sessions with Wei Jie. =)
Around 9pm send him home, and I quickly rush home to jump into my bed!
oh wait! I had bathed =)

End of the day.

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