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Saturday, May 9, 2009

KaiLin, JeeSeng,Farhan and Fiona's farewell

Went off early from college today around 12.30pm.
stupid Jam at the round about, and I decided to depart Taman Jaya LRT station through Federal Highway and that's a goood choice.

when I almost reach Amcorp mall, mr.Lim wei jie called me and ask me to fetch the others.
and I stuck in the road to school for 30minutes DAMN! ==

fetched Fiona, Farhan, Yong Liang and Stephen to the Taman Jaya station.
lol paiseh lar my side parking skills suck, anyway thanks to Farhan and Fiona. =)

later on LRT came and we went up. =)
believe it anot? Shuxuan, KaiLin and JingMun is in the train also lol! And we arrived KLCC.
It's been 1 year or 2 years ago since I went to KLCC, looks still the same huh!?
Can you imagine what I think of when I pass by MNG? LOL! of course my babe lar ^^

we went Madam Kwan to regroup and celebrate there.
Thanks to WeiJie, we are able to sit the round table but guess what? Behind our table is all the workers who LOVE smoking WTF!? so smelly ok? damn you all.

So first of all, look at the name card.
So we were asking, is that Madam Kwan? and I pointed to an Old Lady.
And here you go, we took photo with her.

*look in the middle. white shirt. ^^
well she is nice. So now we know actually Mdm Kwan do exist!

About Madam Kwan, I remember there is a branch at Madam Kwan, during form1 or form2, my mum brought me there and eat, guess what I saw F4- ZaiZai at there lol. That time too small, don't know how to take signature lol.

Well continue with the farewell. We sit for more than 2 hours lol, so I assume that the worker at there also dulan already. =) based on their face expression, but who cares!? We are the customer.

Before we eat, WeiJie and I went to Secret Recipe and look for a cake. RM73.50 not bad.
so later on we eat and around 4-5pm finally, Jolene and Tsae Shiang reached KLCC. ^^

so WeiJie and I bought the cake, and we just celebrate there. =)

1. the cake
2. The 4 farewell frens [Farhan,JeeSeng,Fiona,KaiLin]

3. The boyS

4.The girls

5. Group photo [1st shot]

6. Group photo 2 [2nd shot]
p/s: see what Wei Jie and I pointing to Fiona =D

7. lovely 1

8. Random shot

After eating the cake. And it's time to pay the bill =D *kinda complicated*
but got future accountant here should be no problem XP!

oh yea forget to mention that, actually Jee Seng, Wei Jie and Fiona is so tired because they stay overnight in the school and help out ystd for the school sports day.
Jee Seng and Fiona even slept in the restaurant lol.

And then Jee Seng left and went back. ^^
Solo picture with you. =D

wont forget you the handsome guy and friendly guy ^^
and also remember to love your girlfriend alot!
When you have holidays and back to KL, contact me.
You are still the best runner =P

Kai Lin
Last photo before going =D
KaiLin, nice meeting you since form2 or form 3 right? =D
enjoy the LM moment with you.
Good luck in your studies, wish you all the best.

Next went outside the mall to took some photos. Here is it. It's kinda chilling outside.

9. Divide into 2 groups

10. OMG look at me what post is this? ==''

11. so dark how to see?!

12. Finally the group photo
*thanks to Tsae Shiang*




hey 1 more.

Please don't kill me.

The traders going to the Traders Hotel lol.

just joking lar.

Finally we can go back NOW!
While waiting for the others

Tired of waiting?! Have a break, have a KitKat ^^


this is what will happen to 3 of us

Credits to Shuxuan and TsaeShiang for all the photos!
In the LRT station.

Discuss with Ah Lao (Ah Mao-AH CAT), so we decided to go Sunway Piramid for a movie,
Star Trek time 8pm but we are afraid of traffic jam and etc.

So end up we decided to see who reach first and see how.
So Ah Lao fetch WeiJie to TTC tuition centre and fetch Kaa Seng to join us.

We reach SP first, so we bought the ticket and start watching the movie first.
Ah Lao, Yong Liang and Kaa Seng reached 30 minutes later, 8.30pm
but it's ok the movie will be around 1 and half hour left.

not bad lar the movie! But the story line burn my Brain calories lol. Need to think alot and ask my friend about Future and Past. So basically you need to analyse like me if you cannot really digest the storyline.

Fetched Stephen home and I am so afraid that I will be lost lol. and after that I reached a spot Seksyen 222 where I always eat Hokkien Mee =D

Reached home around 11.30pm

end of the day. =)

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