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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mahjong gamble ooo

wake up get ready myself and went to Parkson to pick up my mum, she washed her face =)

went to Aunt's house and yeah you all know..
it's MAHJONG GAMBLE again lol.

I know maybe some of you don't like but cause it's just among our family so we treat it as normal fun activities =)

guess what my cousin F3 won rm19.50! damnnnnn!
and again I lost rm3, is like no win no lose.
mum win Rm2.50

and my Aunt's, Aunt's son and daughter, AhAun and PuiNgo lost! lol I think they keep lose and the money pay to my cousin =)

anyway we eat our Dinner there, I love the chicken so much! SO NICE! =)
and cause it's just 7pm when we ate our dinner, so my dad decided to buy Char Siew Pao for our supper.

end of the day ^^
damn tomorrow start EDC/EFC already ahhhh! 1 more month and it's our final exam for T3,T4 and T5.

I shall WORK HARD!

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