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Monday, May 18, 2009


This is the last class before the finals on the 3,4,5 of June.

After Miss Geetha finished her class, my friends and I decided to go 1utama.
Turn around and around in the car park to find car park. Luckily the law of attraction works.=D

Went there play bowling lol. Although I am the first one who get Spare. But I end up lost to
Hon Leong and Jason.
Jason I know you are very pro! ^^

Actually wanted to watch movie, but the place left is 2nd row from the screeen. ahh!
Never mind, we walked around with Daniel and Michelle.

Went to Nike Shop, to look for shoes. =)
damn it! I want the Nike Shox Experience, but the colour ewwwww!
and I search the net there is the colour I LIKE, but I think it's not selling in MALAYSIA.

I saw this in 1utama, so I ask the sales assistant she says there is only 1 colour for this.
I love red. =D

Some stupid photos in Toy R Us lol.
saw this stupid WIRELESS microphone. =D

stupid Jason say I gone "kuku" after losing the bowling match. I DID NOT!

Went back and eat at Time Square for our dinner.
The tom Yam really not bad, luckily we change the seats if not I will be super duper HOT!

bought KrispyKrem. =D This is the first time buying KrispyKrem xD
and later on went back home.

reached home around 10.30pm. ^^

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